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KIX and Angel City Rockers at The Whisky

Steve Whiteman of KIX at The Whisky

KIX, Angel City Rockers, The Whisky, December 10, 2017


Another absolutely memorable night at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip, headlined by the legendary KIX. Also featured on the bill in the direct support slot were Angel City Rockers, whose set was nothing short of epic. Based out of the Los Angeles area, Angel City Rockers proved to be the perfect opening band for the East Coast based KIX. One could only imagine a kick ass bill like this touring all across the nation. Rock and roll is very much alive and well, and The Whisky was packed to the rafters ready for another thrilling evening.

KIX definitely supplied the hot and heavy goods, unleashing a set covering their entire career – this would include slamming renditions of You’re Gone and Love You With Your Top Down from their dynamic Rock Your Face Off comeback endeavor. Those craving the sizzling KIX classics were treated the rollicking refrains of Hot Wire, Midnite Dynamite, Girl Money, Cold Blood and a whole lot more! Front man Steve Whiteman was on fire the entire time, superbly energetic and wickedly humorous! And it’s always terrific to see Brian “Damage” Forsythe raging on lead guitar – whether in KIX, Rhino Bucket, or an onstage appearance at Ultimate Jam Night. The entire KIX 2017 battalion is a force of nature that will tantalize your senses and make you want to party it up big time!

Tommy Delaney of Angel City Rockers at The Whisky

Angel City Rockers

And then there’s Angel City Rockers, presenting their own mighty celebration of hard ass rock and roll! With a combination of ferocious covers and high octane originals, Angel City Rockers commanded the Whisky stage. Opening with Motorhead’s Ace of Spades, Angel City Rockers had the early arrivals singing along while commemorating the life and times of the one and only Lemmy Kilmister. And what a combustible set of songs Angel City Rockers unleashed within the hallowed walls of The WhiskyDo Or Die, Dirty Movie, and Bang! Bang! Baby setting the house ablaze with their ferocious all-out intensity.

Lead vocalist Tommy Delaney displays a massive amount of charisma and passion, setting the room in orbit with his exhilarating hard raging performance. Guitarist Frank Yanno shreds into the stratosphere while bassist Jose Ferro and drummer Bobby Richards make for a tremendously rock solid rhythm section. With bands such as Angel City Rockers emerging onto the scene, the legacy of the Sunset Strip lives on with a fiery vengeance! Concluding their set with a glorious version of the KISS classic Rock And Roll All Night, Angel City Rockers surely left an indelible impression on the KIX crowd while reigniting the ardor within their own sizable Los Angeles fan base. Be sure to check into Angel City Rockers in the New Year and expect nothing short of the rock and roll rapture!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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