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Blackout by Street Lynx (Self-released EP)

Blackout by Street Lynx (Self-released EP)

The Los Angeles music scene is absolutely thriving with bands ready to break on through to the big leagues. One such power trio we’ll be hearing a lot more about within the New Year is Street Lynx. The band recently issued Blackout at year end, a dynamic four song EP that will rock and roll your great big world! An exhilarating amalgamation of in your freakin’ face punk and good old fashioned rock and roll, Blackout by Street Lynx us a thrilling debut that should appeal to music enthusiastic starving for a raw, yet richly rewarding auditory experience.

Blackout kicks into supersonic gear with the glorious reveries of Foolin’, instantly grabbing the listener by throat with its bold, hard ass lyrical content and wickedly infectious melodies. Gimme Gimme then slams into your senses relentlessly – expect this super catchy slice of sheer aggression to spin within the confines of your head space long after the song spins to its cheeky conclusion. Blackout, Blackout is then spewed out with a sharp razor blade precision, smashing together both punk and metal influences with the greatest ease. Closing out the Street Lynx extravaganza way too soon is the penetrating Whatever, a gloriously rapturous conclusion that will leave the listen craving and clawing for a whole lot more!

The three massively talented musicians who make up the Street Lynx membership deliver the goods with a grand amount of skill and intensity. Brianna Sherrodd aka B.B. is your hostess for the Street Lynx experience, firing off the scorching lyrics with a fierce conviction while unleashing an absolutely pummeling low end on bass. Eian Lopez absolutely shines on guitar, raging throughout the Blackout EP with a brilliant amount of imagination and flair. And then there’s Kyle Abbott slamming it all home with a vengeance with vibrantly persuasive drumming. Be sure to check into Blackout by Street Lynx and catch the band live at the world famous Whisky A Go Go on February 25th opening for Vigil Of War.  For fans of The Pretty Reckless, The Donnas, and Mary’s Danish.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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