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All I Said Was Never Heard by Lizzy Farrall (Pure Noise Records)

All I Said Was Never Heard by Lizzy Farrall (Pure Noise Records)

Lizzy Farrall is a massively talented singer / songwriter from the UK ready to take on the world with her striking and heartfelt artistry. All I Said Was Never Heard is a remarkable debut EP, now available via Pure Noise Records, destined to garner Ms. Farrall a glorious amount of attention and admiration. Featuring lush musical soundscapes and wondrously insightful lyrics, All I Said Was Never Heard soars into the stratosphere while leaving an infinite impression that will linger long after the recording spins to its gripping conclusion.

All I Said Was Never Heard opens with impassioned refrains of Broken Toy, instantly hooking the listener in with its stylish depth and emotional perceptions. Pack Of Wolves then commences with its gloriously sweeping melodies and elegiac vocals rendering this selection an absolute standout.

Better With shows Lizzy can rock your world while unveiling the most bittersweet of lyrics.  Better Off then follows – a wondrously expressive lament that is sure to inspire all looking for someone or something better in this battleground that we call love and life. And then closing out All I Said Was Never Heard on an emotionally devastating note is Hollow Friends, where the artist muses “I want to be whole again” with a good amount of reflection and cautious optimism.

With the unveiling of All I Said Was Never Heard by Lizzy Farrall, it looks like Pure Noise Records has once again displayed a knack for presenting vibrant new talent upon the world at large. An introspective work that will surely captivate the senses, All I Said Was Never Heard is a timeless collection of songs from the heart that music fans will want to revisit time and again.

Although serenely ethereal and pensive, the five selections contained within are ultimately cathartic and liberating.  It will be exciting to see what the future has in store for this superbly insightful performer. If you are in the UK, be sure to catch Lizzy Farrall now on tour, opening for the one and only Seaway!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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