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Rockin’ and Rollin’ with Jesse Damon and Electric Caravan

Electric Caravan backstage at Saint Rocke

Rockin’ and Rollin’ with Jesse Damon and Electric Caravan

The almighty Electric Caravan made their way out to the wilds of Hermosa Beach, providing direct support to legendary ccollective The Babys at Saint RockeElectric Caravan features Jesse Damon of Silent Rage fame on vocals and lead guitar, as well as seasoned musicians Chris Tanori (bass) and Kurt Markham (drums).  Electric Caravan is a superb power trio ready to rock your world like no other, providing an adventure in sound that will have you singing along in no time at all.  At the conclusion their remarkable performance at Saint Rocke, we caught up with Jesse Damon, Chris Tanori, and Kurt Markham backstage to find out a whole lot more about the magic and intrigue that is Electric Caravan. Read on…

Introduce yourself and tell me what you do in Electric Caravan.
Jesse: I am Jesse Damon, I am the lead vocalist, lead guitarist.
Chris: Chris Tanori, bassist.
Kurt: I am Kurt Anthony Markham, drums.

So how did Electric Caravan come about?
Jesse: Well, it came from starting to jam on the blues and it was roughly 10 years ago. I was playing with another guitarist and some of the material, the blues-rock, we were having fun with. I had so much fun I said ‘I think we need to put a band together.’ So, I called first of all Kurt and asked Kurt what he was up to and how he’s been. He is always up to other musical endeavors. Always playing the drums. But, he said ‘All right! FINALLY! Let’s hook up and do something’. So, we did! We had our first formation, as far as members, for Electric Caravan early on for probably the first year and a half or so and then we found Chris again. Both Chris, Kurt and I are longtime friends. Lifetime friends. We’ve always gone and appreciated each other’s projects and things and supported each other. Finally, Kurt got a hold of Chris and asked him ‘are you available? Would you like to jam in our new band?’ He was going ‘Absolutely! This is great!’ So, all the sudden we have the nucleus of 3 strong friends with over 30 or close to 40 years maybe of strong rock and roll. I’ll let some of the other guys talk.

Kurt Markham of Electric Caravan

Kurt: I must say we had other bass players before Chris and they were very good bass players. But, I mentioned Chris might be available to Jesse. I asked Chris ‘do you want to play?’ 5 seconds into it we went ‘YEAHHSSS, YES!’ 5 seconds and I went YES!

We know that Jesse was in some band called Silent Rage.  Let’s meet the other members of Electric Caravan.  What is your background? Starting with you.
Kurt: I have been playing since I was 10 years old. I have 54 years into it now. I’ve played every genre you can possibly imagine. The name credits that I have played with would be Iron Butterfly. I’ve played with Black Flag, I turned down the permanent gig though with touring. I was offered one with the Circle Jerks. I got to play with a wonderful country band called the Freight Shakers. They won a lot of awards, they are very good. From them, I got to play with Johnny Cash’s long-time pianist, Earl Poole Ball. It was great fun. I played with the guy that plays fiddle for Dwight Yoakam.

And back in the day good old Gilby Clarke from Guns N’ Roses before he was Gilby Clarke in Guns N’ Roses. How can I forget the one band Overkill? Not to be confused with the speed metal band. We were on SST Records, which was Black Flag’s label. We are in a documentary called “The Pioneers of L.A. Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.” They said, if you guys would have stuck around for another year it would have been you. Because we were basically a punk rock band with a lead guitar player and it worked. it was fun. it was a lot of fun but internal friction and the thing split up in 83′. The first show we ever played at, Metallica was there. Nobody knew what was going on, they were like ‘what the hell is this? Is this some kind of punk rock Van Halen or something?’

There are 4 guys in the back of the room just ‘YEAH. You go. You go. You go. You go.’ and they introduced themselves later. ‘Oh, you guys are great. we are kind of doing what you guys are. We are playing here next Thursday.’ I go ‘what is your band called?’ Metallica. ‘I’m Lars. I’m James. I’m Dave. I’m Kurt.’ Why they were there, we opened the show for Trauma. Their bassist was Cliff Burton