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Sinners & Saints with Fate DeStroyed, Matriarchs, Through The Oculus, Fused By Defiance at 1720 – Live Review

Sinners & Saints with Fate DeStroyed, Matriarchs, Through The Oculus, Fused By Defiance at 1720 – Live Review

Sinners & Saints with Fate DeStroyed, Matriarchs, Through The Oculus, Fused By Defiance, 1720, June 27, 2021 – Live Review

This would be the second show to be reviewed by Highwire Daze in these post pandemic days, and it was off to the wilds of Downtown LA to the notorious 1720 for a night of Sinners & Saints! Several exciting local acts were on the same bill, co-headlined by Fate DeStroyed and Matriarchs and featuring rock solid support from Through The Oculus, Fused By Defiance, Akasha and Jason Alessi. It was a true heavy rock and metal baptism that certainly enraptured all in attendance clearly craving that live in concert experience after over a year in pandemic isolation.

Fused By Defiance


The first band Highwire Daze caught at Sinners & Saints was Fused By Defiance. And what an amazing amalgamation of sound this local outfit presents, incorporating rock, metal, hip hop and funk for a stunning auditory adventure. Combined with socially conscious lyrics and a dynamic live show, Fused By Defiance really set the night in motion. Included within their set was their timely new single Cancel Culture, as well as raging tunes such as Payback, Paint It Red and Against The Wall.

The vibrant lineup of Fused By Defiance consists of Taj Jewett on vocals, Arnold “Hedge” Quezada on rhythm guitar, Kevin Cordero on lead guitar, Jonathan Sigala on bass, and Ted Kelliher on drums. Stay tuned because Fused By Defiance is on fire and ready to inspire all who discover their thought-provoking reveries.

Fused By Defiance on Facebook

Through The Oculus


Through The Oculus was up next, presenting their very own absolutely thrilling brand of melodic death metal. Based out of Los Angeles but ready to enrapture a worldwide audience in nothing short of an epic way, Through The Oculus combine operatic vocals with death metal flourishes, and the results are absolutely mesmerizing. Performing selections from their just unleashed Self-Titled manifesto now available via Metal Assault Records, Through The Oculus transfixed the 1720 with a performance filled with imagination, intrigued and a sonic intensity that was through the roof! Selections performed included Lilith and Lazarus, Harvester Of Souls and Order Of The Eye.

Sarah Gamblin is amazing, whether she is delivering the sweeping operatic vocals or growling hellfire damnation upon the crowd, her performance is remarkable! Randy Blount is a standout on guitar and vocals while bassist Lauren Weatherford and drummer Eric Freeman form a rhythm section that reign supreme!

Through The Oculus on Facebook



In the grand and glorious tradition of bands such as Converge and Hatebreed, the almighty Matriarchs arrived onstage and unleashed a live experience that captivated the senses. In an age where issues such as gender identity and social politics are very much in the forefront, Matriarchs devastate your world with their brilliant metallic hardcore compositions and live visuals. K Enagonio is such an explosive stage presence whose passion and conviction render them one of the most compelling vocalists on the metal scene today. Stunning performances are unleashed from all of the Matriarchs co-conspirators, including Dave Rubenhold on bass, Carlos Pagan on guitars and Ben Levi on drums.

In addition to the amazing songs presented from their Year Of The Rat magnum opus, Matriarchs delivered a cover of the Florence & The Machine song Heavy In Your Arms and a kickass rendition of the Hatebreed classic Conceived Through An Act Of Violence. An absolutely crucial band for these turbulent times, Matriarchs is an exhilarating collective that is well worth seeking out.

Matriarchs on Facebook

Fate DeStroyed


What a pleasure it was to finally witness a live performance from L.A.’s own Fate DeStroyed. Franccesca De Struct was interviewed in a previous issue of Highwire Daze and photographed for the poster in the issue by our own Jack Lue. Known for her work within the ranks of Stabbing Westward, The Dreaming, and Motionless In White, Fate DeStroyed is Franccesca’s own living, breathing beast of a band! And what a stark and captivating performance Fate DeStroyed presented at their headlining Sinners & Saints performance, with Franccesca and her crew unveiling a dynamic set that captured the attention of those staying up late on a Sunday night in Downtown LA.

In addition to Franccesca De Struct’s vibrantly riveting vocals and stage presence, the stunning Fate DeStroyed comrades featured topnotch performances from Jonni Law on guitar, Roger Bohlen on guitar, Chris Kennedy on bass, and Cameron Franklin on drums. Opener Jason Alessi even joined the band for a few songs towards the end of the set.

Fate DeStroyed is the type of adventurous collective our local LA is known all over the world for, and it won’t be long until this band is devastating music fans above and beyond the City Of Angels. Thanks to all of the bands and especially to promoter Ben Levi for a very memorable night of rapturous live music!

Fate DeStroyed 0n Facebook

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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