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Write Home premieres their debut single, “Overgrown”

Write Home premieres their debut single, “Overgrown”

When a band makes their entrance into the scene, it takes finding a song that perfectly encompasses the sound they are trying to achieve. Ottawa’s Write Home, makes a strong debut with the infectious “Overgrown” that the band is proud to premiere at Alternative Press.

Previously playing in different metal projects, including metalcore outfit, Vesuvius, Vocalist Robin Parsons, Vocalist/Guitarist Billy Melsness and Drummer Carter Peak have gone back to their roots with Write Home. Melsness shared, “We spent most of 2016 touring the continent with Vesuvius and learned a whole lot about ourselves in that year. A lot of reflecting on our past and looking into our future went into crafting our new sound. Going back to the root of what initially sparked our interest in music when we were kids, and thinking about what kind of music we think we’d be just as happy writing and performing when we’re much older.”

Overgrown” is the perfect beginning for Write Home as the band strives to create music that is “that is big, anthemic, and memorable,” which is showcased on the track. It was past experiences that inspired the single as Melsness explained, “Overgrown is about being on the road, personal relationships; finding home in a person or an experience. For us, it’s mostly about the solace that we found in playing music and being on tour. This is the life that we want to live until our bodies are completely unable to do so.”

Get ready to be singing along to this pop-punk inspired track as it’s guaranteed to get stuck in your head upon first listen. The future looks bright for Write Home as they look forward to the next step in their musical journey.

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