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Sleeptalk and Groves at The Slidebar

Sleeptalk at The Slidebar

Sleeptalk, Groves, The Slidebar, January 19, 2018

The Slidebar presented four of the most exciting bands within the Los Angeles/Orange County music scene on a chilly yet rocking Friday in Downtown Fullerton. Sponsored by KROQ as part of their Locals Only series, The Slidebar was definitely the place to be to discover dynamic new music from exceptionally talented bands.

The Active Set opened the evening with their vibrant set of pop alternative anthems culled from their Everything Changes and Lighter EP’s. Watch For Horses then took to the stage performing their wondrously catchy tunes in the grand tradition of The Smiths and The Ocean Blue.

This night would mark the kickoff show for touring mates Sleeptalk and Groves, and both these bands showcased why the Southern California music scene continues to thriving with promise. With Groves being signed to MDDN Records and Sleeptalk an integral part of The Artery Foundation, it was now time to hit the road once more and spread the word about these two tremendously captivating bands on the rise.

Groves at The Slidebar


Groves from the greater Los Angeles area is definitely beginning to amass an impressive fan base with their energetic live shows and superbly infectious tunes. Performing selections from their recent Not For Nothing EP on MDDN Records, the Groves trio placed a good deal of heart and conviction into their live presentation. Lead vocalist/guitarist Stephen Salisbury delivers the goods with a wide eyed sense of wonder and imagination.  Reid Guidry on bass and Will Smith on drums perform with vision and finesse, coloring in the songs with a dazzling amount of skill and artistry.

From the opening refrains of their brand new single Faded Love, on to Watch Me and beyond, Groves unleashed a spellbinding performance, entrancing an audience, who probably would have stayed out all night to hear them play.

On an interesting and well appreciated note, there were many fans under 21 who were not able to secure admission into The Slidebar because of age restrictions – and Groves performed an acoustic set outside just for them. Expect to hear a lot more from the remarkable Groves in future days.  A very enjoyable live show featuring songs you’ll want to revisit time and again.

Groves on Facebook

Sleeptalk at The Slidebar


Sleeptalk is one of the most captivating, imaginative bands on the Los Angeles music scene today. With music that is both hypnotic and exhilarating, there is a world of auditory fascination and intrigue to be found with Sleeptalk’s artistic tapestries. Their Self-Titled full length was issued last year via Artery/Gold Standard Records, and the magic and fascination found within their studio recording translates tenfold in a live setting. Performing alluring indie rock that is intelligent and nostalgic, Sleeptalk is sure to enrapture all types of music fans looking for a spirited adventure in sound.

The guitar artistry of Jason Fitzpatrick and Justin Melchor is spiraling, enveloping The Slidebar with a towering wall of both serenity and excitement. Bassist Paul McGill and drummer Tyler Kusnier (also latest Sleeptalk convert) make for a gloriously intensive rhythm section. And then there’s the pensive, reflective vocals of Anthony Fitzpatrick, conveying the wistful lyrics and really bringing the audience into the pulsating heart of the matter.

Indio, California has seen a good amount of airplay on KROQ, and was absolutely thrilling to behold when unveiled live. Sleeptalk premiered a wonderful new selection entitled I Hope You’re Doing Well, which will be available to download sometime in February. “I’m just dying to feel alive,” was the impassioned chorus to be found in Youth, the closing song in Sleeptalk’s entracing set – and a sentiment that surely reverberated with the audience long after the band left the stage.

If you are within the path of the Sleeptalk/Groves tour, be sure to check into what these amazing musicians are conveying upon the world at large. Interviews with both Sleeptalk and Groves coming soon to Highwire Daze Online!

Sleeptalk on Facebook

(Review and Photos by Ken Morton)

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