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Folk noir duo Society of Broken Souls to release new album, Midnight and the Pale, on April 13th

Society of Broken Souls
Photo credit: Liz Brown

Folk noir duo Society of Broken Souls to release new album, Midnight and the Pale, on April 13th

“a songwriting powerhouse”
– Ben Kieffer, Iowa Public Radio

Society of Broken Souls, the folk noir songwriting duo of multi-instrumentalists Dennis James and Lauryn Shapter, is set to release its second album, Midnight and the Pale, on April 13, 2018. Midnight and The Pale, the follow-up to 2016’s Things Still Left Unsaid, is the pair’s second album under the moniker Society of Broken Souls and their fifth collaboration. The new album once again sees James and Shapter writing, arranging, producing, and engineering the 10-song collection, as well as performing all the parts. Starting a music career considerably later in life than most emerging artists, the duo is embracing the maturity and experience that comes from years passed, life lived, and challenges faced. Their latest album is a study in the interplay of light and dark, and the beauty that results when they are allowed to walk comfortably side by side.

“There is a growing propensity in our culture to show ever more curated versions of ourselves, where everything is Photoshop perfect and everyone is living the dream,” Shapter explains. “But that’s just not real life, and it only seems to leave people feeling more isolated. We got tired of the lack of authenticity we saw around us and decided to shine some light on the broken bits, but still have fun while we were doing it.”

With not just a few scars and more years behind them than ahead, Shapter and James know a thing or two about broken souls. While their music is deeply rooted in the time-honored tradition of storytelling, their songs move seamlessly from the darkly fictitious to the profoundly personal — meaning they come by their name honestly. They each have stared down their own personal demons in order to serve the art form that has never let go of its hold on them. Though they tried their hand at the straight life, it never took. “Music is the only thing that makes any sense,” says James. “Nothing else matters.” In their return to music, they are discovering true artistic freedom and rekindled joy in pursuit of their craft.

In spite of the conventional wisdom that says to let go of childish dreams and leave the rock and roll lifestyle to the young, James and Shapter are reinventing their lives with vigor. As part of that renewed commitment, the duo purchased a 22-year-old RV and retrofitted it to hold the myriad instruments they bring on stage. They hit the road in 2017, covering over 22,000 miles and performing nearly 100 shows in 18 states. An even heavier coast-to-coast touring schedule is planned for 2018, beginning in March. Confirmed dates are listed below, with more to be added.

Called “a songwriting powerhouse” (Ben Kieffer, Iowa Public Radio), the duo performs their own brand of American roots music. While they have their roots as an acoustic duo, their live show has blossomed into an expansive setting for weathered characters, tough topics, and quiet beauty. Fiddle, drums, keyboard, and acoustic and electric guitars, in intricately woven and varied arrangements, create a wide, dynamic palette. As they take turns singing lead and harmony, the pair paints a vast emotional landscape, ranging from the rebellious and jubilant to the introspective and heartfelt.

Society of Broken Souls Tour Schedule:
March 1 – Omaha, NE / Harney Street Tavern
March 2 – Norfolk, NE / Black Cow Fat Pig
March 3 – Ankeny, IA / Firetrucker Brewery
March 15 – Des Moines, IA / Confluence Brewing Company
April 5 – Marion, IA / Ramsey’s Wine Bistro
April 7 – Manchester, IA / Franklin Street Brewing
April 13 – Fairfield, IA / Café Paradiso
April 14 – Des Moines, IA / Gaslamp
April 20 – Lupus, MO / Lupus General Store
April 21 – Topeka, KS / Norseman Brewing Company
April 22 – Strong City, KS / Ad Astra Food and Drink
April 24 – Salina, KS / The Hideaway
April 25 – Wichita, KS / Central Standard Brewing
April 26 – Stillwater, OK / Iron Monk Brewing Company
April 27 – Ada, OK / Vintage 22
April 28 – Dallas, TX / AllGood Café
April 29 – Ft. Worth, TX / Woodshed Smokehouse
April 30 – Austin, TX / Hole in the Wall (w/Heather Miller)
May 2 – Terlingua, TX / The Starlight Theatre
May 3 – Terlingua, TX / The Starlight Theatre
May 5 – Las Cruces, NM / High Desert Brewing Co.
May 8 – Corrales, NM / Corrales Bistro
May 9 – Albuquerque, NM / Tractor Brewing
May 10 – Santa Fe, NM / Cowgirl BBQ
May 13 – Montrose, CO / Intrinzik
May 18 – Dillon, CO / private house concert
May 19 – Idledale, CO / private house concert
May 20 – Denver, CO / private house concert
June 1 – Wellman, IA / Stonewall Pizza
June 3 – Ft. Dodge, IA / Soldier Creek Winery
June 15 – Terre Haute, IN / The Verve
June 16 – Terre Haute, IN / private house concert
June 21 – Springfield, MN / Riverside Days Festival
June 24 – Renner, SD / Strawbale Winery
June 29 – Swisher, IA / Cedar Ridge Distillery
July 7 – Knoxville, IA / Peace Tree Brewing
July 11 – Iowa City, IA / Iowa City Farmers Market
July 12 – Rochester, MN / Peace Plaza – Thursdays on First & 3rd
July 15 – Pomeroy, IA / Byron’s Bar
July 21 – Norfolk, NE / Black Cow Fat Pig
August 17 – Terre Haute, IN / The Verve
August 26 – Ft. Dodge, IA / Soldier Creek Winery
October 12 – Swisher, IA / Cedar Ridge Distillery
October 19 – Terre Haute, IN / The Verve

Society of Broken Souls online:

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