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WASI at The Echoplex

WASI at The Echoplex

WASI, The Echoplex, February 15, 2018

Tonight’s show was put together with association and help of PFLAG and Peach House Records. This actually a girl’s night considering all of the artist had female lead vocalist as the front person of each band performing. A lot of hip hop artist came up before WASI performed. One of them was Shira Linga and she did a great live version of her current single Gone With The Wind. Shira Linga is also not just hip hop but plays the guitar and played the drums in her set during the show. She has some alternative songs as well.

WASI came up next with balloons bouncing all around the stage and the audience which started the fun a jumping around. Their upbeat show consisted of songs from their second EP Coup and from their newest single EP called Stranger California. They played nearly 45 minutes and included such songs as Pussy Grabs Back & Floor Talk from Coup. But tonight’s show was more for debuting their current Ep/Single digital download of Stranger California. Out of the new songs in the band’s set, City Nights, Puzzling and Stranger California the audience really enjoyed. WASI is currently on a west coast tour for the new release so go check them out.

(Review and Photo by Jonathan D. Wright)

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