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Starset at The Regent

Starset at The Regent, March 6, 2018

Starset may be based out of Columbus, Ohio but their dynamic auditory odyssey is certainly on an intergalactic spectrum! Currently on the road presenting the Immersion Part One demonstration, Starset continues to prove why they are one of the most compelling entities on this dying Planet Earth and well beyond. Landing at The Regent Theater in the wilds of Downtown L.A., Starset unveiled a performance that was nothing short of stratospheric. There is a dazzling amount of imagination and intrigue to be found within the Starset live experience, and their cinematic artistry was on full display at the historic Regent.

In addition to the live performance, one could find a simultaneous interactive exploration occurring throughout. The new augmented reality app developed by the firm Juniper Jones includes space inspired visuals that fans can access throughout the entire set. The unique experience features live music synced to the AR content as well as a pre-show countdown clock.

After the Launch Sequence Intro, the crew of Starset arrived onstage and burst into a one-two slam of Satellite and Frequency, the first two tracks from their critically acclaimed Vessels magnum opus on Razor & Tie Records. The exhilarating cosmic energies exuding from the stage absolutely enraptured the near capacity Regent. From the spiraling vocals on to the superb musicianship and then to the mesmerizing light show, Starset and their audience embarked on a sonic and visual adventure of a lifetime.

Featured within the membership of the Starset enterprise include Dustin Bates on lead vocals, Ron DeChant on bass, Brock Richards on guitar, Adam Gilbert on drums –  one and all presenting wondrously luminous performances. Also within the live realm are violin and cello participants, brilliantly adding to the otherworldly dynamic. This reviewer first caught up with Starset at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach opening for Framing Hanley in 2014, and one could sense a visionary collective braced for even greater glories. And with the massively successful launch of the ambitious Immersion Part One excursion, Starset has clearly fulfilled their destiny in a grand and epic way!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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