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Chrome Neon Jesus by Teenage Wrist (Epitaph Records)

Chrome Neon Jesus by Teenage Wrist (Epitaph Records)

Teenage Wrist is certainly riding the next epic wave of shoegaze rock which commenced with Ride and Catherine Wheel in the early 90’s and the all encompass genre has been giving us sensational underground entreaties ever since. And while comparisons to the legendary shoegaze collectives may abound, Teenage Wrist infuses their own twist of melodic indie rock, unleashing a glorious sonic manifesto that is certain to enrapture all types of music aficionados. Chrome Neon Jesus is the name of their Epitaph full debut, and it’s a stunning endeavor jammed packed with imagination and auditory intrigue. It won’t be long before audiences outside of the Los Angeles music scene discover the rapturous refrains Teenage Wrist has to unveil upon our great big world.

Chrome Neon Jesus open the floodgates of sonic magic with the dynamic title track, enveloping the senses and preparing the listener for a treasury of selections to follow. Dweeb is up next, with its vibrantly haunting intensity and infectious chorus ripping into the very core of the matter. Swallow is a cut destined to be consumed all over more adventurous radio airwaves and should be a standout when performed live. Stoned, Again is wistful and mystical, exploring a lazy afternoon through a haze of the smoky afterglow. Then it’s time to enter the cosmic realm of the Supermachine, where a melancholic commencement winds up spiraling into a triumphant otherworldly dimension. An encounter with the Black Flamingo follows, dazzling and psychedelic with its driving “you can fall in love without ever waking up” state of mind!

Photo Credit: Dan Monick

Kibo is a short yet impressive reverie that captivates the senses followed by Rollerblades – a stunning whirlwind of a track combining shoegaze with a dirty grunge aesthetic. “I want a girl who looks good in daylight,” muses bassist/vocalist Kamtin Mohager on the lush and whimsical Daylight. Spit lingers and drips within the listener’s most impressionable of dreams with its haunting yet heartfelt lyrics. And then closing out the Chrome Neon Jesus experience is the spellbinding Waitress, ready to serve last call with an astounding order of passion and conviction.

The Teenage Wrist trio are wondrously resourceful musicians whose immense talent and creativity send Chrome Neon Jesus into the stratosphere and well beyond – featuring the grand participation of the aforementioned Kamtin Mohager on bass and vocals, Marshall Gallagher on guitar and vocals, and Anthony Salazar on drums. Recorded with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Carlos De La Garza (Paramore, Jimmy Eat World), Chrome Neon Jesus is meant to played LOUD for maximum impact! Expect this one to show up on many a Top Ten list when 2018 spins to its grand finale!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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