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Moose Blood, Lydia, Souvenirs at The Regent

Moose Blood at The Regent

Moose Blood, Lydia, Souvenirs at The Regent, April 3, 2018

Moose Blood

Moose Blood arrived in the City Of Angles for their North American tour, headlining a very packed Regent Theater deep in the pulsating heart of Downtown L.A. Making their way across the States in support of their I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore album on Hopeless Records, Moose Blood from the UK unleashed a set of indie emo anthems that sent the room spinning. Opening with the vibrantly infectious refrains of Honey, Moose Blood proceeded to fill the auditorium with an absolutely engaging performance.

Front man Eddy Brewerton had a case of laryngitis, but still performed with a good deal of passion and enthusiasm, still exuding a grand deal of power and intensity – and even if he had completely lost his voice, the crowd was singing along rapturously to each and every song, more than happy to assist with the vocals. And the dazzling selections just keep on arriving, with tunes such as Talk In Your Sleep, Bukowski, and Glow leaving quite an impact! Each and every member of the Moose Blood brigade were top notch, featuring the talents of the aforementioned Eddy Brewerton on vocals and rhythm guitar, Mark E. Osbourne on lead guitar, Kyle Todd on bass, and latest addition Lee Munday on drums. If you are anywhere near the vicinity if this tour, be sure to check out Moose Blood in action, as their breathtaking live shows are not to be missed!

Lydia at The Regent


On this tour, Moose Blood brought Lydia and Souvenirs along for their hunt through the United States, and what wonderful discoveries these two bands are! Arizona Indie Rockers Lydia supplied direct support, and many in the audience were very familiar with what the band had to offer the attendees at The Regent Theater. In addition to songs from their Run Wild magnum opus on 8123 Records, Lydia premiered a few tracks from their upcoming Liquor manifesto. Included in the set was their current single Goodside, which was recently premiered via Vevo and Youtube. Another glorious moment was when Lydia unveiled their imaginative cover of The Outkast classic Ms. Jackson. Weaving their own sense of magic and intrigue upon the crowd, Lydia’s brand of indie rock was wondrously captivating.

Closing with their rapturous Past Life, Lydia left a lasting impression to be sure! Be sure to check out Liquor, slated for release on July 14th via Weekday Records! With shows as exciting as these, expect Lydia to be headlining their very own tour in venues such as The Regent! Included within the Lydia lineup are the talents are Leighton Antelman on lead vocals and guitar, Matt Keller on keyboards and guitar, Justin Camacho on guitar, Shawn Strader on bass, and Evan Chapman on drums.

Souvenirs at The Regent


What a treat it was to discover that Souvenirs were also part of the Moose Blood extravaganza! Highwire Daze Online was introduced to the band at The Hi Hat a few months ago, when they opened for the likes of Teenage Wrist and Tennis System. More on the shoegaze side of the spectrum, Souvenirs from Carpenteria enveloped The Regent auditorium with a dazzling wall of atmospheric sensory intrigue. Posture Of Apology is the name of Souvenirs’ latest endeavor on Other Peoples Records, and within a live setting, their songs were nothing short of mesmerizing.

Fans of Hum and Ride are sure to uncover a new favorite collective when checking into the tapestries Souvenirs has to offer the world at large. Now breaking out of the Golden State in this on many other tours, expect Souvenirs to acquire a cross country fan base in no time at all with live performances this exciting. The resourceful Souvenirs lineup consists of Tim Riley on guitar and and vocals, Vince Amador on guitar and vocals, Nolan Nunes on bass, and Riley Meisch on drums. Be sure to catch Souvenirs on tour with Basement and Citizen throughout the month of May!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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