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Complicit EP by Gang Of Four (GO4 Music)

Complicit EP by Gang Of Four (GO4 Music)

Original Gang Of Four guitarist Andy Gill continues to write timely lyrics and create digital and guitar noises, releasing the Complicit EP ahead of a full-length album this summer.

Lucky is a collection of sounds: a drum thump, a gaseous hiss, a bass line, guitar grit, then Gaoler’s slinky vocals. The trademark Gang of Four angular funk is in full force, with some extra digital window dressing.

Ivanka (Things You Can’t Have) has a message about Trump and his kids with the lines “It’s not true that daddy calls my name in stormy weather” and “Daddy loves women and he believes in family” slapping you in the face.  Pneumatic whooshes, crunchy percussion and Gill’s guitars stab and grind away.

I’m A Liar contains percussive bits, bass vrooms and whistles that flit around the mix as Gill’s guitars echo, hum and thrum and a violently funky bass groove gives the groove some juice.

10 O’Clock Chemical is a young band that mixes EDM with rock’n’roll and their mix of Lucky makes Gaoler’s vocals muscular and placed in the forefront of the song, with a 4X4 drum beat, streamlining the song to include fewer bleeps and bloops, tweaking the vocals and punching us in the gut with a bass guitar loop at the end.

On the three songs and remix on the Complicit EP the messages are as crucial as ever, and make for an absolutely captivating addition to the Gang Of Four catalog.

(by Bret Miller)

Gang Of Four:
Andy Gill: Guitars
Thomas McNeice: Bass
John “Gaoler” Sterry: Lead Vocals
Tobias Humble: Drums

April 27th – Bologna, Italy  / Zona Roveri Music Factory
April 28th – Rome, Italy / Traffic Club Roma
May 14th – Buenos Aires, Palermo, Agentina / Niceto Club
May 19th – Mexico City, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico / Festival Marvin CDMX
August 3rd – Horten, Norway / Bueskytterbanen
October 5th – London, UK / 100 Club



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