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Flying The Freak Flag with Granny 4 Barrel

Photography: Josh Rienecke

Flying The Freak Flag with Granny 4 Barrel

Meet Granny 4 Barrel – a shock rock extravaganza ready to take on the world with their imaginative take on rock rock ands heavy metal!  Freak Flag and She Likes Guns are the names of a few of the songs Granny 4 Barrel has cooked up just for you!  Now on the road with Texas Hippie Coalation, Kobra And The Lotus, and Brand Of Julez, the mighty Granny 4 Barrel will be terrorizing the Southland with a stop at 1720 in Los Angeles on May 27th!  In this interview, Highwire Daze Online discusses with the radiant Granny their current tour, flying that Freak Flag high and proud, working with the notorious Stormy Daniels on their latest She Likes Guns video, and a whole lot more!  Who’s your Granny?  Read on…

Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Granny 4 Barrel, and how long the band has been together.
My name’s Granny and I’m you’re surrogate Metal Granny…screaming metal and telling tall tales is my game!

Where is the band based out of and what is the local music scene like there?
New York… both Upstate and New York City …. well it’s New York City so I guess you could say there’s a pretty good music scene …there always has been !!

What are you looking forward to the most about the tour with Texas Hippie Coalition / Kobra And The Lotus?
Getting out on the road and joining forces with these cool bands to create a kick ass event every night for all the metalheads that come out to the shows!

What could one expect from a live Granny 4 Barrel show?
You could expect shock rock at its finest! There is no shortage of crazy antics and powerful music. It’s like a psycho Circus granny even tells some stories while she sitting in her rocking chair Lol !!!!

What inspired the lyrics for the song Freak Flag?
The older I get, the less time that I have… The less time that I have, the less fucks that I give about what people think about me! This song is about being authentic and true to who you are. People should be proud of being all they were meant to be and flying their freak flag high in the air everyday!

What inspired the lyrics for the song She Likes Guns?
One of my favorite things is when a woman gets revenge. So I wrote this song about women getting justice and taking down bad guys… It’s also laced with innuendo just to spice it up. You can’t go wrong with sexy women and guns in my book!

Photography: Josh Rienecke

How did the legendary Stormy Daniels become involved as director for your video She Likes Guns?
Last May/June 2017 Stormy was introduced to me through Jesse James Dupree from Jackyl. Jesse said that she would be perfect to direct the video for this song. Stormy and I talked about the meaning of the song and creating a video. We felt like we were on the same page, and were excited to work together. So we spent a couple of days on the video treatment and a few weeks later we did the shoot. She is an awesome cinematographer and talented director…we love how this came out!

What was it like working with Lily Lane, Casey Calvert, Arya Fae, and all those guns on the video for She Like Guns?
It was an awesome experience! So great to meet them all and spend the day shooting the video and hanging out!  At first the question arose about using fake weapons… But Granny put the kibosh on that real quick LOL. I felt like things needed to be legit. And there’s nothing cooler than girls with guns… Real guns! Because we shot in downtown Los Angeles with real weapons we needed a gun wrangler on the set for legal purposes. The girls were safe and we all had a blast! No pun intended.

What is your all-time favorite horror movie and why?
Burnt Offerings! Killer cast for one. Karen Black, Oliver Reed Bette Davis, Burgess Meredith, Eileen Heckart.  It’s my favorite because it’s got all the best elements of a great horror movie in my opinion. Plus it doesn’t rely on special effects and a bunch of blood and gore in an attempt to make it scary. It’s all about the mood and the camera angles and the unseen things that make it terrifying… Karen Black at her all time best! Go watch it now !!!!!

If the music of Granny 4 Barrel was a donut, what kind would it be and why?
Homemade chocolate and sprinkles. Homemade because I’m old-school and I like quality ingredients and baking my own shit. Chocolate because I love chocolate. And sprinkles cause Granny likes diversity! It’s a hybrid donut 🍩

Any final words of wisdom?
Don’t be afraid to take chances and be proud of who you are! Be true to yourself at all costs! It’s your life….live it!!…and make sure you have fun doing it 😜

Interview by Ken Morton

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