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Klaus Schulze is well-known in the world of electronic music, having released hundreds of albums of long, flowing passages of ambient sounds, held together by a fierce intelligence. Silhouettes was made in his 70th year and according to Schulze is more reflective in nature. “The result is a re-orientation, a renewed awareness of what is really important.” The music on Silhouettes is a “reduction to the essential things.”

The lengths of the compositions allow for the elements to grow, to take shape in your mind, like seeing time-lapse footage of nature, from seed to plant to flower, the beauty of Schulze’s ideas come to fruition when you focus your attention to the sounds. Or, you can just zone out and let it all fill the air like a rejuvenating fragrance.

Each track unfolds in its own time, all four made up of slowly morphing yet repetitive sequences, melodies floating into the foreground, bits and pieces building up into a suggestion of intensity, sometimes more forceful, lower end sounds appear, or drums enter anchoring the choral and string synths from taking off too far into the cosmos.

As the planet continues to spin around the sun, our lives speeding along faster than ever, Klaus Schulze’s music invites us to slow down, to focus on the beauty around us, to enjoy the little things that make up all that is life, and to breathe easier.

(by Bret Miller)





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