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Kobra And The Lotus and Granny 4 Barrel at 1720

Kobra And The Lotus

Kobra And The Lotus, Granny 4 Barrel, 1720, May 27, 2018

The 1720 is in the very heart and core of Los Angeles, and while not in the most exclusive of neighborhoods, the staff is very friendly and the club is state of the art and comfortable. In the classic tradition of the great DIY venues you find all across America, 1720 shows a great deal of imagination and resourcefulness within the layout. And most importantly, they like to play the music LOUD, and there is certainly no other way to hear such terrific bands as the touring package of Texas Hippie Coalition, Kobra And The Lotus, Brand Of Julez, and Granny 4 Barrel.

Those who made their way into the wilds of this neighborhood were certainly treated to a memorable night of hard rock and heavy metal, featuring some of the most exciting touring acts currently traversing across North America and beyond. Highwire Daze Online caught up with the sets of Kobra And The Lotus and Granny 4 Barrel, and what absolutely exhilarating performances these two collective unleashed upon the audience within the hallowed walls of 1720.

Kobra And The Lotus

The last time the City Of Angels encountered the magnificence of Kobra And The Lotus was May 2017 at The Regent, opening for the almighty Xandria! Exactly one year later, the Canadian metal brigade would make their way across the States once more, this time in direct support of Texas Hippie Coalition. Prevail II has been unveiled via Napalm Records, and Kobra And The Lotus were playing selections from this latest masterwork, as well as other songs from a brilliant career. Kicking off their set with the staggering refrains of Losing My Humanity, Kobra And The Lotus proceeded to launch a bewitching performance filled with a mighty amount of passion and conviction.

Lead vocalist Kobra Paige is a vibrant presence, whose gloriously impassioned voice and heartfelt lyrics set the imagination in flight. The entire Kobra And The Lotus brigade is the very height of their musical prowess, delivering thunderously memorable songs such as Light Me Up and Let Me Love You. And the most powerful moment of the entire night arrived when Kobra and her crew delivered the tremendously poignant You Don’t Know from last year’s Prevail I magnum opus, a song that will linger triumphantly in your mind long after the band has left the stage. With such mesmerizing live shows filled with powerhouse songs and rapturous emotion, expect Kobra And The Lotus to be headlining their next tours the next time we see the band travelling the vast highways of the United States. The explosive Kobra And The Lotus lineup consists of Kobra Paige on vocals, Jasio Kulakowski on guitar, Ronny Gutierrez on guitar, Brad Kennedy on bass, and Marcus Lee on drums.

Granny 4 Barrel

Granny 4 Barrel

For those early arrivals, Granny 4 Barrel definitely sent the room spinning with their wickedly dynamic opening set.  Channeling the shock rock aesthetics of such stalwarts as Alice Cooper and Twisted Sister, yet coming up with a thoroughly original stage show, Granny 4 Barrel is a wondrously mind blowing experience that you’ll want to revisit time and again! Featuring the irrepressible Granny rocking your world in a vast and epic way, this East Coast based collective nearly tore the roof of the 1720 with a staggering set of sonic entreaties. Featuring the most metal violin playing ever, a searing guitar, and a drummer extraordinaire, the musicianship found within Granny 4 Barrel is exciting to behold. And then there’s the one and only Granny, delivering the most liberating rock and roll extravaganza that surely captivated the audience early on.

With sparkling anthems such as She Likes Guns and Freak Flag, which should be overtaking airwaves all across the great big world, Granny 4 Barrel definitely tantalizes the senses and leaves you a whole lot to contemplate within the throes of their dazzling live show.  Granny has a lot of friends and fans, including the notorious Stormy Daniels, who recently directed their She Likes Guns video presentation. With a whole lot of hand shaking and fist bumping going on at the end of their set, it’s obviously that Granny 4 Barrel is so much more than a one gimmick band – this is a rock and roll movement – a celebration of life in a world gone absolutely over the edge. Who’s your Granny? See their bad ass live show and find out!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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