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XIII by TNT (Frontiers Music Srl)

XIII by TNT (Frontiers Music Srl)

XIII by TNT (Frontiers Music Srl)

I guess I’ve never been good at telling you, that I’m fully aware of all the things you do,” is the opening sentiment expressed in We’re Gonna Make It, the kickoff track to XIII by the legendary TNT.  As the album title would suggest, XIII is the 13th magnum opus from TNT’s vast and brilliant career – filled with a grand amount of melody and wisdom, and certainly the next great chapter for this remarkable long running collective.  Featuring 12 glorious tracks in all destined to rock your world, XIII by TNT show the Norwegians rockers at the very pinnacle of their creative ingenuity.  Fans of TNT’s past work are sure to be enraptured by the lucky number XIII while new converts to the melodic rock/AOR wave are likely to discover a new lifelong favorite with this dynamic new album and a stunning back catalog!

With the reflective introduction found within We’re Gonna Make It, the positive vibes of this rocker will surely hook the listener in for the even greater glories ahead.  Then it’s time to rage with the powerhouse inflections of Not Feeling Anything breaking into the heart and soul of the matter.  TNT then unleashes Fair Warning upon the listeners, and what a furiously potent slice of sonic madness this one is!  It’s Electric sizzles with its radiant guitar and dazzling vocal overlays reigning supreme.  Where You Belong shows just how effective TNT is when it comes to the power ballad territory.  Can’t Breathe Anymore then finds TNT at their melodic best, with swirling guitar interludes and vibrant vocals rendering this one a standout.

The second part of the XIII experience slams into supersonic gear with the classic reverberations of Get Ready For Some Hard Rock – a track clearly destined to be a fan favorite.  People Come Together then bursts out with a sense of urgency as the band remarks “in the end we all are brothers” – definitely a song about love being meant to share with others and changing this great big world if we all gathered together as one.  Tears In My Eyes is rapturous AOR tinged with emotion and heartbreak.  17th Of May is an inspiring cut about pushing the limit and taking on the world even in spite of the pitfalls – where breaking the rules is nothing short of an all-out celebration.  And then closing out XIII is the superbly infectious Catch A Wave followed by the gorgeously sweeping Sunshine – both final tracks showing just how timeless and effective the modern day TNT tapestries are.

Founding members Ronni Le Tekro (guitar) and Diesel Dahl (drums) carry on the TNT legacy with a mighty amount of imagination and intrigue.  Bassist Ove Husemoen supplies a stunning low end with a massive amount of skill and precision.  And replacing longtime TNT vocalist Tony Harrell is Spanish singer Baol Bardot Bulsara, delivering the lyrics with a vibrant amount of passion and conviction. Bulsara’s live premiere with TNT was in front of 8000 fans in November 2017 opening for the iconic Scorpions in Oslo, Norway and was nothing short of an all-out triumph!  Judging by what’s heard from Bulsara and company on XIII, TNT remains a combustible entity ready to unleash their explosive songs to a whole new generation of rockers!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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