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Chapter XIII at The Viper Room

Chapter XIII, The Viper Room, September 12, 2018

The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip is one of the very best venues in Los Angeles when it comes to catching local acts ready to break out in nothing short of an epic way. Even in the middle of the week, the notorious Sunset Strip establishment found the headlining Red Devil Vortex enrapturing the room with the superbly dynamic Chapter XIII in direct support. Imagine the amalgamation of classic acts such as Avenged Sevenfold and Mötley Crüe at their most adventurous and you are just beginning to envision the sonic assault and dazzling showmanship Chapter XIII has to offer the world at large.

Taking to the stage for what would be a vibrantly explosive presentation, Chapter XIII had the Viper Room crowd absolutely captivated throughout a thrilling set of hard rocking tunes. From the opening refrains of the mighty Fire Ride and beyond, Chapter XIII unleashed a scorching red hot performance with the energy amped up to ten and beyond.

Each and every member of the Chapter XIII brigade possesses a ton of charisma and talent, starting off with the exhilarating lead vocals of Jack Vandort, all over the stage and ready to rage with an all-out intensity. The dual axe work of guitarists Nicky Spades and Scotty LaBeuax weave a grand amount of sonic intrigue, transporting the songs into the stratosphere. And what an absolutely kickass rhythm section Chapter XIII possesses, featuring the supreme dynamics of bassist A.C. Killson and new drummer Gary Maluzenko II! Chapter XIII is amazingly tight, and judging by the reaction of the fans in attendance, well on their way into the big leagues.

One of the highlights of the Chapter XIII experience was the unveiling a very high octane cover of the Billy Idol hit Rebel Yell. The original Chapter XIII songs are extremely memorable, with Death By Masquerade and Right To The Ground leaving quite an impression upon the Viper Room attendees. Expect to hear a whole lot more in regards to the ongoing story of Chapter XIII in future days! For now, be sure to catch up with Chapter XIII, and discover one of the most exciting new bands on the Los Angeles music scene today!

Fire Ride
Worst Enemy
Death By Misadventure
Billy Idol Cover
Black Lightening
The Play
Right to the Ground

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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