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Music Tastes Good 2018 Coverage – Spotlight on BLCKNOISE

Music Tastes Good 2018 Coverage

Filling Stadiums – Spotlight On BLCKNOISE

After his set, BLCKNOISE (aka The Black Noise) humbly sat down to excitedly discuss his creativity. Being one of the first musicians to play at Music Tastes Good might usually prompt anxiety. Not for Donovan Brown or Victor Ujadughele. It was pretty obvious that the unique-sounding duo was used to being looked at. In fact, as Brown told Highwire Daze, it is what he is after.

Many musicians might discuss their fame as being consequential to their music. This idea of “just play and fans will show up” is far from reality. As Brown explained, “Festivals like these are about getting heard.” I was interested in knowing at what point a song’s delivery becomes a driver in the creative process. Often, we assume that art is individual expression. Often, however, tunes are turned and churned out with us in mind.

When asked if he thinks about a song’s distribution during its creation, Brown responded with “Oh totally. The goal is to be at festivals like these. The goal is to one day fill stadiums.Blcknoise’s noise sounds very far from the Arena Rock we are used to. The large anthemic sounds built for cultural cathedrals maintain a very specific mood that Blcknoise transcends, but the goal is still there. It is up to musicians like Blcknoise to satisfy old desires with new sounds.

We will always pack before stages to have our blood bounce to the beat of the bass. It will be up to experimental and complex artists like Blcknoise to power us up. Distancing themselves from the familiar sounds of anthem’s past, groups like Blacknoise will surely design a new experience. Blcknoise can be hard to describe due to their amalgamative nature. Pulling from various styles like hip-hop, rock, psychedelic rock, blues, southern rock, roots rock, and funk push new sensations for us to crave. Their song “Lake of Fire” is a perfect example of the kind-of-borrowing they’re doing to create their style!

Check them out!

(Article by Chris Vinan – Photo by Panyotis Fillipis)

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