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Music Tastes Good 2018 Coverage – Spotlight On Haunted Summer

Music Tastes Good 2018 Coverage

The Loop: Spotlight on Haunted Summer

Haunted Summer usually begin their songs with a slow crawl. By the time the song ends, you have to retrace your steps to understand when that crawl turned into a sprint. Something about their sound energizes like a coach whispering demands on the sidelines.

Drums encourage you to dance while vocals remind you that there is no need to rush. Their song “1996” rings through you like a pleasant memory. On stage, their presence humbly demands eyes, ears, and camera phones. Watching Bridgette Moody and John Seasons perform is a true treat. And talking to them is a bag of treats!

During the interview, Haunted Summer and Highwire Daze investigated the point of festivals like Music Tastes Good. We asked what performances like these do for them and how they affect their style of delivery. John explained that to play live is to grab attention and to spread a name. Discoverability is their goal. Interestingly, Bridgette described live shows as a way to route people back to their pages. Understanding this helps explain the situation of the artist in today’s age.

To be successful live you need digital development. To have digital development you need to play live successfully. Our age has created quite a feedback loop, constantly churning people through avenues of attention, which reminds me:

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(Article by Chris Vinan – Photo by Panyotis Fillipis)

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