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The Church at Music Tastes Good 2018

The Church, Music Tastes Good 2018, Marina Green Park, Long Beach, CA., September 30, 2018

Seeing The Church, at my age, was probably unrivaled by any other musical experience I have had. There is nothing better than learning everything in one set. Beforehand, I knew little of the monolithic music group. Once their lights faded away, I was left standing under the milky way with an understanding of what psychedelia can be.

Melting into the photo pit, fog filled my lungs. My eyes were as mesmerized as my ears. Fluidity characterized the seamless string of strumming. Drums flowing into bass and swallowing up the guitar. Lights pouncing and bouncing off of smiles.

Every crowd member seemed to be looking at fond memories. I learned that night how music might change a moment, a night, a life. Not wasting anytime, The Church punched us with their best-known-hit, Under The Milky Way. The crowd rose and crashed into the phenomenon like waves against a thrashing ship. There was no resistance to this empyreal and ethereal presence. Carried by acceptance, The Church extended their grasp into a wicked set.

From Reptile to Lost to Antenna, The Church gave us what we came for and more than a lot more. I left feeling like I had loved them for decades. Seeing them live now haunts me as I replay and replay and replay them.

(Review and Photo by Chris Vinan)

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