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The Guess Who and Diane & The Deductibles at The Canyon Santa Clarita

The Guess Who and Diane & The Deductibles at The Canyon Santa Clarita

Robert Sarzo of Diane & The Deductibles

The Guess Who, Diane & The Deductibles, The Canyon Santa Clarita, October 4, 2018

Those who ventured out to the wilds of Santa Clarita on a Thursday night in early October were treated to a concert of historical proportions.

Performing at The Canyon Club were the legendary Sarzo Brothers in two different bands – one opening and the other being the headliner. And interestingly enough, these are a pair of bands you would not normally associate the Sarzo Brothers with.

While Robert Sarzo made a name for himself playing guitar for the likes of Hurricane and Queensryche, he now shreds for a dynamic local act called Diane & The Deductibles.

Brother Rudy Sarzo is world famous for his trademark bass playing with iconic metal outfits such as Ozzy Osborne and Quiet Riot. Rudy is now unleashing a thunderous low-end for classic rock sensations The Guess Who.

Many who arrived at the venue were not aware of the significance of this soon to be memorable night, or the exhilarating performances both bands had in store.  And what a magical adventure this was about to become…

Diane Adams of Diane & The Deductibles

Diane & The Deductibles

Opening the show with imagination and flair were Diane & The Deductibles, a female fronted rock collective who absolutely shined in a short yet very persuasive set. Fronted by the radiant vocal and guitar performance of Diane Adams, this five piece outfit warmed up The Canyon Santa Clarita with a memorable selection of grand rocking hits.

In addition to the solidly passionate vocals of Diane Adams and the virtuoso guitar playing of the one and only Robert Sarzo, the band features other supremely top notch players. Guitarist Keith Lynch has played with Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, and brings his expertise into the Diane brigade of talent. And what a rhythm section The Deductibles present upon the world at large, featuring former Air Supply member Cliff Rehrig on bass and the world class Ronnie Ciago on drums.

Rudy Sarzo of The Guess Who

There is a certain glorious irony in having ex-members of Queensryche and Air Supply in the very same band, but this exact factor is what makes the music of Diane & The Deductibles so wondrously captivating. Songs such as Light Of The Moon, In My Next Breath, and Say What You Mean are dazzling and set the imagination in flight.

Presented by pros who know how to put on a tremendous show, Diane & The Deductibles are sure to fascinate all types of music fans looking for a new band to thoroughly enjoy. Be sure to catch Diane & The Deductibles opening for none other than Pat Travers at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on November 29th.

The Guess Who

Which now brings us to the other Sarzo brother in the house – Rudy – who is now touring the country with a vibrantly rocking version of The Guess Who. Only Garry Peterson remains from the original lineup, but what a thrilling collection of seasoned musicians the original drummer of The Guess Who has assembled! Peterson plays with a commanding amount of skill and conviction, and would often treat the audience to wonderful Guess Who stories in between songs.

Longtime member Leonard Shaw colored in the songs with finesse and intrigue on keyboards, sax and flute. Vocalist / guitarist D# unleashed a slamming performance, bringing The Guess Who selections old and new to an ultra-vivid life that was exciting to witness. Will E. also raged with an epic amount of head banging glee on guitar. And then there was the great Rudy Sarzo, supplying bass amplification that sent the room reverberating.

D# of The Guess Who

Now on tour in support of a brand new album entitled The Future IS What It Used To Be, new songs which enraptured the audience included the anthem-like We Were Young, the impassioned Haunted, and the spiraling refrains presented via In America. There were plenty of classics to be heard, including a rousing rendition of Clap For The Wolfman, with Leonard Shaw standing in as the late great Wolfman Jack.

And towards the end of the set, The Guess Who played a raging, massively heavy version of American Woman, channeling the likes of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple! Included within the very well deserved encore was a kaliedoscopic rendition of These Eyes, immediately followed by the staggering psychedelic adventure in sound known as No Time.

Rest assured, The Guess Who in 2018 is just as crucial and exciting as their glory days back in the 70’s – and their live show is a brilliant, intensive endeavor that is not to be missed!  In the meantime, be sure to check out The Future IS What It Used To Be by The Guess Who, now available from Cleopatra Records!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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