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Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators and Classless Act at The Hollywood Palladium

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, Classless Act, The Hollywood Palladium, October 16, 2018

The rock and roll extravaganza of the year took place at The Hollywood Palladium, and it was a family affair for the ages! Headlining was the mighty Slash featuring Miles Kennedy and The Conspirators, who unleashed a mesmerizing rock and roll concert. Slash and his band were performing in support of their recently unveiled Living The Dream manifesto.

Opening the night was local band Classless Act, featuring Slash’s 16-year-old son London Hudson on drums. The cavernous Hollywood Palladium was packed to the rafters, with both bands delivering the goods with an epic amount of skill and conviction. So much talent and intrigue all in one venue, and what a memorable evening this would turn out to be!

Classless Act

Classless Act kicked off the night with a wickedly rambunctious set of rock and rage, instantly gaining the undivided attention of the early arrivals primed and ready for the headlining Slash. Derek Day is one of hell of a front man, all over the stage with a manic energy and powerhouse voice – exuding star quality all the way! The guitar work found within Classless Act was striking and imaginative, featuring the glorious talents of Nico Tsangaris on lead and Dane Pieper on rhythm axes. Franco Gravante supplied a sizzling low end on bass. And then there’s London Hudson, whose drumming is wondrously animated and intensive.

Each and every member of Classless Act exudes a massive amount of showmanship and all-out talent, and they definitely have the material to back it all up. Selections such as Goddamn Devil, Madness, and Pass The Medicine left an indelible impression. With performances as dynamic as what was witnessed by the fans at the Hollywood Palladium, expect to be hearing a whole lot more from Classless Act in future days. Classless Act is part of the next big generation of Hollywood bands – these guys are on fire within a live setting and their high energy shows are not to be missed!

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

The meeting of the minds and talents of Slash of Guns N’ Roses and Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge is a match made in rock and roll heaven. Slash – the most celebrated guitarist of his generation and Kennedy with that inspiring powerhouse voice and stage presence is a winning combination to be sure!  And if this duo of rock and roll royalty wasn’t enough for you, The Conspirators were there to rock your world big time! Frank Sidoris on rhythm guitar colored in the songs with flair and expertise. And what a thunderous rhythm section Slash has assembled, featuring Todd Kerns on bass and Brent Fitz on drums. This superbly impressive lineup played their hearts out in the packed Hollywood Palladium, nearly tearing the roof off the historic venue.

Slash and Company kicked the set into hypersonic gear with the slamming one-two punch of The Call Of The Wild and Halo. The entire evening showcased a vast and brilliant catalog of tunes, and not just from the Slash with Myles catalog. There were Slash solo entreaties, a Velvet Revolver song, and a few glorious Guns N’ Roses tunes unveiled to a wildly appreciative audience.

Slash could solo all night long and still enrapture the world at large. His intricate performance during Rocket Queen was nothing short of mesmerizing, showcasing a world class musician at the very height of his craft. Matching Slash in passion and conviction was Myles Kennedy, whose delivery of songs such as My Antidote, You’re A Lie, and World On Fire was vibrantly captivating. The vastly underrated Todd Kerns had his turn in the spotlight during the show, and rocked the Palladium with his brilliant, in your face lead vocal renditions of We’re All Gonna Die and Doctor Alibi.

If all of this auditory excellence was not enough to render this event the concert of a lifetime, the encore was sure to seal the deal. During the delivery of the Guns N’ Roses classic It’s So Easy, Slash and Company were joined onstage by none other than Gn’R co-conspirator Duff McKagan! And then closing out the night were staggering renditions of Shadow Life and Anastasia, clearly showing Slash and his crew fully energized, raging on into an explosive grand finale.

Whether it be live or within the grooves of a recording, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators continue to set the entire world on fire with their intensely impassioned artistry. The rock and roll dream is truly alive within the wilds of Tinseltown and way beyond, courtesy of Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators and Classless Act.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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