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Genitorturers at The Whisky – Review and Live Photos

Genitorturers, The Whisky, October 14, 2018

Self-proclaimed “World’s sexiest rock band” invaded the Whisky A Go Go on October 14th, and I think they live up to the claim. I have been going to see Genitorturers for a long time, and each time the show is a feast for the eyes; your soul will be pierced and forever bound to the show you will witness. The industrial metal band will immediately capture anyone with their sound, but what really captures the audience is their performance.

The name should be indication enough for what to expect, but the look of shock, intrigue, and excitement on the audience’s faces still bring the biggest smile to my face every show. The set includes catchy songs that will leave you dancing, and imagination running wild, for days! The S&M/bondage style presented may be shocking at first, but front woman Gen Vincent makes sure everyone has a good time, no matter how timid one may be.

The set includes fantastic costumes, squirt guns, whippings, spankings, and many other kinky activities. What more could one ask for? I have heard people refer to them as “shock rock”, and this always makes me chuckle. Genitorturers are inviting you into their world that walks a fine line of a fetish feast for the eyes and an industrial metal show that will forever be remembered, and leave you begging on your knees for more. By the time this review is released, the tour will be done sadly. However, I can promise you that the band is not leaving their fans unsatisfied. That is all I can tease you with for now.

Current line up consists of Gen Vincent (Vocals), Eric Griffen (Guitar), Ryan Seelbach (Bass), and Kriz D.K. (Drums). Stay tuned to their Facebook or Instagram for updates to come!

(Review and Photo by Erica Vincent)


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