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Salvation by Westfield Massacre (Nerve Strike Records)

Salvation by Westfield Massacre (Nerve Strike Records)

Salvation by Westfield Massacre (Nerve Strike Records)

Salvation by Westfield Massacre is the soundtrack of survival, completed by impassioned musicians who are truly on a mission.  With high profile member changes, the future seemed to be in doubt for a band that was well on their way into the big leagues.  That being said, Westfield Massacre has regrouped, and judging by what’s heard on their exhilarating new album, Salvation may very well be the comeback story of the year.

Jammed packed with hard rock and heavy metal anthems unleashed by musicians at the height of their creative energies, the Salvation manifesto is the next thrilling chapter of the ongoing Westfield Massacre legacy.

Salvation kicks off with the deceptively calming refrains of Empyreal Light, and then slams relentlessly into the heart of the matter with the staggering refrains of Famine Taking The Fall continues on the path to metal mayhem, showing this band means serious business!  Love To Hate is a pulsating modern metal anthem that makes you want to launch headfirst into the nearest mosh pit.  Your Salvation is tremendously poignant, dealing with the subject of addiction.  The “I’d give it all to save your life”chorus is gripping and impassioned – this is truly Westfield Massacre in their finest hour!

Devil You Made is a blast of pure sonic aggression where Constant Silence asks the question “please tell me, does it end like this?” with harrowing intensity.  Masquerade is a compelling barrage of dynamism, complete with a spiraling chorus you’ll be singing along with for ages.  And then the one/two punch of Chemicals and All The Fallen issues a grand finale that devastates what’s left of your senses – with the concluding lines of “drag me down to hell with all the fallen” reverberating throughout your mind long after the disc spins to its conclusion.

Westfield Massacre 2018 is an assault ready to inspire and devastate!  Vocalist Seann Nicols has been a participant with the likes of Quiet Riot and Adler’s Appetite – and within the ranks of Westfield Massacre, Nicols unveils his most dynamic, fully realized work to date.  Stephen Brewer delivers a towering performance on guitar while bassist Erik Tisinger and drummer Dio Britto pummel the listener with their powerhouse rhythm section. Check into Salvation by Westfield Massacre, and prepare to be thoroughly enraptured by the true sounds of perseverance.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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