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COMA by Sunflower Dead (EMP Label Group/Combat Records)

COMA by Sunflower Dead (EMP Label Group/Combat Records)

COMA by Sunflower Dead (EMP Label Group/Combat Records)

If the world at large has not already discovered the powerful reveries of Sunflower Dead, COMA is sure to be the album that launches this band into the stratosphere. Based out of the very thriving Southern California metal scene, Sunflower Dead has unleashed a wildly impassioned collection of songs destined to devastate the senses of all who give a good listen.

Opening cut Let Me In invites the casual listener into the gripping world of Sunflower Dead with its stunning sense of urgency. Savior then follows, slamming through your head with a mesmerizing amount of menace and conviction. And the sonic devastation proceeds on through an entire album of inspiring anthems, including the staggering Victim, the spiraling Torn In Two, and the supremely heavy Kept Down. And what a mesmerizing grand finale Turn Away is, an astounding composition that leaves quite an enduring impact.

The mighty COMA is skillfully produced by Dave Fortman, whose impressive credits include Slipknot and Evanescence. Sunflower Dead founding members Michael Del Pizzo (vocals and accordion), Jaboo (guitar) and Jamie Teissere (guitar) are back and ready to rage. Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory/Powerflo fame and ex-Starset member Brian “Brett” Weir join Sunflower Dead on bass and drums respectively, unleashing a diabolically potent rhythm section.

COMA by Sunflower Dead presents the next great chapter of their already dynamic legacy, and its profound sonic reveries are not to be missed!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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