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Wasteland Chronicles by Letum Ascensus (Gore House Productions)

Wasteland Chronicles by Letum Ascensus (Gore House Productions)

Wasteland Chronicles by Letum Ascensus (Gore House Productions)

Letum Ascensus present blackened death metal in its finest, most chaotic hour, and they have been scorching the Los Angeles music scene and beyond since the summer of 1995.  It’s been a decade since we’ve heard any new recorded material from this ferocious collective, and in the unholy year of 2018, the almighty Letum Ascensus has returned with an all-out vengeance!

Wasteland Chronicles is the name of their latest manifesto, featuring seven slices of intensive mayhem straight from the bowels of hell and into the deep entrails of your fever stricken mind.  Punishing to the core and ready to captivate your senses with its devastating reprieves, Wasteland Chronicles by Letum Ascensus is the next great chapter to this scandalously underrated extreme metal collective.

The journey into the pummeling darkness commences with Convert Or Die, where an ominous intro slams into a menacing death metal reverie of epic proportions.  Embracing Darkness is a spiraling anthem that will make you want to bang your head at a lethally breakneck pace.  Death Against Eternity continues to assault to the cranium, with superbly guttural vocals, blistering axework, and unearthly percussive attacks rendering this one a standout.

Blue Moon is a haunting instrumental reprieve, ambient in scope permeating with an oncoming dread.  Then it’s time for an encounter with the Bewildered Creation followed by the diabolic incantations of Molesting Mary.  And then closing out the Letum Ascensus experience on a grim and somber note is Fallen Kingdom, lulling the listening into a transcendental state as they further contemplate the sheer devastation found within the Wasteland Chronicles.

The hellfire brutality found when traversing through the Wasteland Chronicles was brought to you by Boris Bonillo on superbly intensive vocals, Sam Fuentes on guitar and bass, and Rick Jovel on drums.  Featuring album art by Rafael Mattey, Wasteland Chronicles was recorded by Tom Dickey at Real Tone Studios, mixed by Nick Viterelly and Raymond Herrera, and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound.

With a brand new lineup ready to capture the imaginations and raised fists of a live audience – and a new album being released by the Gore House Productions compound – the next diabolic chapter of Letum Ascensus has arrived, and this battle driven brigade is now ready to enrapture the eardrums of the worldwide metal masses once more!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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