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Gunslinger by Leather Duchess (Smut Records)

Gunslinger by Leather Duchess (Smut Records)

Leather Duchess has arrived in town, rock and roll outlaws ready to rage within the wilds of the Sunset Strip and well beyond. With tinges of Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC and a whole lot of drive and conviction, Leather Duchess has been kicking up a royal amount of mayhem whether it’s in a live setting or within the realm of their recordings.

Gunslinger is the name of their just unveiled slab of sonic aggression, and it’s jammed packed with anthems sure to garner these guys a massive amount of recognition.

Gunslinger kicks off with the ominous sounds of High Noon, and then slams into the listener head first with the glorious title track. Then all hell breaks loose throughout the entire album, with selections such as Machine Gun Charlie, Young Smut, and Altar Of Love blazing into the sonic heart of the matter. The auditory artillery shells discovered throughout Gunslinger are down and dirty, oozing with melodies than will remain on rapid fire in your brain long after this disc spins to its swampy Let Me Roam conclusion.

Photo credit: George Contreras

The four musicians who participated on Gunslinger send the music into rock and roll orbit. First of all, super charismatic front man Tyler Heath delivers the scorching lyrics with a vibrant sense of ferocity. The wickedly snarling guitars are courtesy of Marc Edgar, filling the songs with fire and intensity. And driving this all home with a vengeance is the heavy bass action of Storm Rolls and the rock solid drumming of Jake Wolf.

Tech credits are first rate, all the way to the production work to the inspired CD booklet artwork. Gunslinger by Leather Duchess absolutely reigns supreme, and is well worth seeking out!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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