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Collapse EP by Arm The Witness (Self-released)

Collapse EP by Arm The Witness (Self-released)

Collapse EP by Arm The Witness (Self-released)

Based out of Johnson City, Tennessee, Arm The Witness present their own intensive brand of post hardcore and metal, and the results are staggering in scope. Collapse is the name of their latest EP, a thrilling collection of impassioned songs whose sheer intensity send the entire project into the stratosphere. Kicking off with the stunning refrains of Enlightenment Vs. Illumination, Arm The Witness hook the listener in with their thought provoking lyrics and spiraling melodies.

One notices right away the dueling vocals of Aiden Shaw and Logan Bishop, singing and screaming with an exhilarating amount of emotion and ferocity. Trevor Rose on lead guitar and Cody Cupp on rhythm guitar slam right into the heart of the matter, creating a menacing yet triumphant atmosphere. Timmy Smith on bass and Mason Bishop on drums make for a tremendously solid rhythm section.

Each and every song reveals a band at the height of their creative energies. Selections such as Envy, The Badge The Crown and Newborn clearly demonstrate Arm The Witness mean serious business – and with an EP as solid as the dynamic Collapse, expect to see these focused musicians signed to a record label in absolutely no time at all. They’ve played the Vans Warped Tour twice as a Battle of the Bands winner and have opened for the high profile All That Remains. Judging by what’s been heard on their Collapse EP, expect to hear a whole lot more from Arm The Witness as they rage on to inspire and devastate the masses.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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