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Tales Of Heartbreak & Homicide by Killin’ Candace (Self-released)

Tales Of Heartbreak & Homicide by Killin’ Candace (Self-released)

Killin’ Candace is a Hollywood based collective who spew out hard ass punk rock dripping with angst and venom. Fronted by mastermind Aaron Lee along with an impressive assault force of musicians, Killin’ Candace has arrived and is ready to slaughter the pent up Los Angeles music scene with their raging refrains. Tales Of Heartbreak & Homicide is the name of Killin’ Candace’s debut EP, and the four songs contained within will tantalize your senses and leave you wanting a whole lot more!

Tales Of Heartbreak & Homicide kicks off with a close encounter with Miss Deception, showing all at once the liberating singalong choruses that rip right into the sordid heartbreak at hand. Bloodstains is an absolute rager, with Aaron Lee sharing scorching lead vocals with Leah Elizabeth of Evol Walks!

Heroin(e) is wildly addictive, where the psycho sentiments of “you know I never gave a fuck about a valentine, but I just can’t get you off my mind” will ring fervently in your head for ages. And then closing out the Killin’ Candace experience way too soon is the crash and burn sensations of Million Dollar Smile.

Fans of AFI and Rhino Bucket are sure to be thoroughly enraptured by the kickass refrains of Killin’ Candace. Tales Of Heartbreak & Homicide is an exciting introduction for what will surely be a thrill ride of a music career. Stay tuned, because Killin’ Candace has arrived and they are ready to unleash a lethal dose of punk rock and other auditory mayhem!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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