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Come Out And Play EP by Motorbone (Heavy Harmony Music)

Come Out And Play EP by Motorbone (Heavy Harmony Music)

Motorbone from the vast and varied Los Angeles music scene is destined to be your next auditory addiction – especially if their just unleashed Come Out And Play EP is indicative of greater glories ahead. In your face and ready to enrapture your senses with their driving melodies, Motorbone unveils a danger and intrigue within their fiery compositions.  If the slow burn of Crawl doesn’t grip you into their jungle gym of sonic wonder, then the title cut Come Out And Play is sure to inspire some fevered fist pounding in the air.

Hey I am your slave, do just what you say,” is the feral invite on the standout track S&M, followed by the wickedly infectious refrains of Dirty Rock Star. The six tracks in all will surely bewitch the senses and invite you back for incessant repeat listenings.

Fans of acts such as AC/DC and Alice In Chains will discover a treasure trove of sonic delights when encountering Come Out And Play by Motorbone.

Vocalist Josh Tripp oozes a gripping star quality, delivering the ferocious lyrics with fiendish glee. Guitarist Dick Delnovo rips and shreds it all into oblivion and beyond. And the tight as hell rhythm section consists of Keith Morgan from Handsome Devil on drums and Dan Clout on bass.

It is absolutely encouraging to find bands like Motorbone fearlessly reminding us all why we all fell in love with that devil music known as rock and roll in the first place. Turn this one up to ten and beyond for maximum impact.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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