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Ghost at The Forum – Live Review

Ghost, The Forum, November 16, 2018

Ghost is certainly one of the most thoroughly innovative bands on the planet right now, spreading their own compelling rock and roll gospel to the masses. And on a blissfully sinful Friday night at The Forum in the City of Angels, Ghost would present an absolutely thrilling two-hour extravaganza to the gathered sold out congregation. Fronted by the supremely charismatic Cardinal Copia (aka mastermind Tobias Forge) and a spirited collection of Ghoul and Ghoulette musicians, Ghost unveiled one the most memorable performances of the year within the hallowed walls of the iconic Forum. Performing under magnificent stained glass-style backdrop to a crowd which sang along to each and every song, Ghost’s superbly ambitious two-act presentation of A Pale Tour Named Death was a rapturous experience in sight and sound!

Opening with the diabolic refrains of Ashes from their critically acclaimed Prequelle manifesto, Ghost proceeded to captivate the crowd with their stunning performance. Up next was their single Rats, sweeping the crowd into the dark magic for what would be an epic night within the presence of exquisite imagination and intrigue. Some of the highlights within the first act would include the vibrant Miasma featuring an appearance by Papa Nihil on saxophone as well as an enchanting acoustic rendering of Jogolo Har Megiddo. The first act would be closed out by the impassioned Life Eternal, presenting Cardinal Copia and the Ghost ensemble in one of the most gripping and impassioned songs of the night.

Act Two of A Pale Tour Named Death would be billed as the Second Coming, and the adventure into the realm of Ghost raged on! Commencing with Spirit and the pummeling into the icy reveries of From The Pinnacle To The Pit, the Ghost journey reigned supreme well into the spiraling depths of the night. If You Have Ghosts was the perfect cover for this innovative band to perform, a Roky Erickson entreaty that soared into the stratosphere. And of course fans favorites such as Dance Macabre, Square Hammer and the much deserved encore delivery of Monstrance Clock sealed the deal that Ghost in one of the most dynamic collective for the ages with a timeless live show that is not to be missed!

In the New Year, Ghost will be touring the European continent supporting the likes of Metallica. Let’s hope we see a whole lot more of Cardinal Copia and the entire Ghost brigade here in the States within the unholy year of 2019 as well! Theatrical rock is very much alive and well in this modern age thanks to the truly visionary artistry of Tobias Forge and the almighty Ghost!

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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