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Twelve by Last Union (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records)

Twelve by Last Union (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records)

Twelve by Last Union (ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records)

Last Union is an all-star progressive metal band from Italy whose inspiring compositions will surely garner a massive amount of worldwide acclaim. Featuring the likes of Mike LePond (Symphony X) on bass, Uli Kusch (ex-Helloween, ex-Masterplan) on drums, and special guest James LaBrie (Dream Theater) on vocals, Last Union has unveiled the magnificent Twelve upon the universe. In addition to these well-known world class musicians, Last Union introduces two dynamic talents to the scene – vocalist Elisa Scarpeccio and guitarist Cristiano Tiberi – both who deliver absolutely mesmerizing performances.

Opening the Twelve experience with the vibrant Most Beautiful Day, Twelve proceeds into an auditory adventure of absolutely epic proportions. The listener will soon encounter the nefarious President Evil, featuring the first of three guest vocals by the one and only James LaBrie. Selections such as the very epic Taken, Purple Angel and The Best Of Magic clearly demonstrate a thoroughly ambitious band delivering sonnets that transcend time and genre.

Elisa Scarpeccio possesses a wondrously expressive voice that soars into the stratosphere while Cristiano Tiberi unleashes imaginative and persuasive guitar artistry throughout the entire recording. The dazzling rhythm section of LePond and Kusch is percussive perfection of the highest order. And James LaBrie is certainly effective with his trio of impassioned vocal contributions. Twelve by Last Union is a massive debut from a band we’ll surely be hearing a lot more from in the New Year!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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