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Beautiful Disaster by Griffin Tucker (Self-released single)

Beautiful Disaster by Griffin Tucker (Self-released single)

Griffin Tucker is massively talented singer from Texas who has appeared on American Idol and recently issued his debut EP entitled Believe It. Lionel Richie and Katy Perry definitely know talent when they see it, and have said some very impressive remarks about Griffin on national television. The magic continues with a brand new single by Griffin entitled Beautiful Disaster, a vibrantly inspirational song that will lift your spirits and have you joyously singing along.

There is so much emotion and energy to be found within this tremendously moving ballad, and it’s sure to secure Griffin an even bigger fan base. Clearly a song that will make you want to take on the world, Beautiful Disaster by Griffin Tucker is definitely an indication of even greater glories ahead. Stay tuned, because there will be a lot more recordings from Griffin Tucker in the months ahead.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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