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The Gray by Modern Mimes (Self-released)

The Gray by Modern Mimes (Self-released)

The Gray by Modern Mimes (Self-released)

Modern Mimes is the duo of Adi Elcida Hernandez on vocals/guitar/sampling and Ernesto Paez on double neck guitar bass. Synthesizing dark rock, power metal, pop and electronica, but the real highlight is Adi’s incredible voice

The Gray begins with Stunt Double, one of those songs that sounds like it’s already at the climax, all whistling, churning synths and crunchy guitars, Adi calling from somewhere in the abyss.

The title track has a sad/pretty piano line accompanying Adi’s lovely vocals, trip-hop beats bounce and slap, a thrilling guitar lead almost breaks through the thick layers of sound and Adi wails like a banshee towards the end, bringing chills.

Black Swan again has a wonderful piano line and Adi’s voice is emotional and tender, the song punctuated by a bombastic beat, Ernesto adding guitars to help build up to a cathartic finale.

The real highlight for these ears was in the last two tracks, where the duo strip away the digital chaos. Crosses begins with an actual acoustic guitar, joined by the sound of a person playing a drum kit, piano, bass guitar and Adi singing soulfully. Crosses is a truly emotional song and shows that Modern Mimes mean serious business.

The Gray closes with Goodbye Hello, another slow, thoughtful song built around Adi’s searching vocals and plaintive piano, spare percussion and Ernesto strumming along on acoustic guitar, adding various guitar parts throughout.

On The Gray, Modern Mimes show a willingness to blend genres and there is an intense force of personality and passion behind Adi’s vocals and Ernesto’s guitar and bass playing. I look forward to hearing more of Modern Mimes’ catchy and breathtaking compositions.

(Review by Bret Miller)

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