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Spencer Ludwig at The Sayers Club

Spencer Ludwig at The Sayers Club

Spencer Ludwig, The Sayers Club, Hollywood, CA, January 17, 2019

When it rains in Los Angeles, the streets become empty. Angelinos had just endured 3 days of heavy rain, but this night was the first rainless night and the residents were thinking one thing… I ‘Just Wanna Dance’! Pop-funk multi instrument playing phenom Spencer Ludwig took over The Sayers Club in Hollywood, delivering just what the residents needed, a night of “I just wanna dance – I don’t wanna think about nothing’.

Ludwig caught my attention last year on the festival circuit, playing Coachella and Bonnaroo to name a few. His music has been featured in ads and on video games as well. Ludwig will capture anybody’s attention with his vocals, guitar, keyboard, and his signature trumpet playing.

When I heard Ludwig was playing a show in Hollywood at The Sayers Club, I jumped at this show. The beautiful room was packed wall to wall with friends and fans, all dancing through the set. Ludwig and has band took the stage opening with my favorite song “Diggy”, and continued to play other crowd favorites such as “Just Wanna Dance”, “My Trumpet”, and the new single “Best Life”. One song was special though; Prince’s classic “Controversy”, mixed with Ludwig’s trumpet and style brought back great memories, a few tears on my eyes (I swear it was just dust), but also added a new bit of spice to a classic that left it stuck in my head for days!

What can you expect from Spencer Ludwig and his band? You can expect a new song every six weeks, that will be stuck in your head and turning any dull day, into a colorful and upbeat day. You can expect to dance at his shows, with the entire crowd. You can expect to see a musician that is extremely grateful to his fans. You can expect to see a show that will keep you going back to all of his shows.

Keep your eyes on Spencer Ludwig and his group, I see this group being the next to start climbing play charts!

(Review and Photos by Erica Vincent)

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