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Bring Me The Horizon at The Forum

Bring Me The Horizon, The Forum, February 13, 2019

Bring Me the Horizon at the Forum on February 13th was amazing, it’s incredible to see a band I grew up with playing at a huge venue in Los Angeles. I try not to miss a show of theirs when they’re in town since they always put on a great show. This band just keeps getting bigger and bigger and it blows my mind. They played a lot of material, most of it off their new album, ‘amo’. The live presentation of the new album is amazing, Oliver tends to scream more live than on the album which was so fun because I had thought he retired from that. The band came on stage with “I apologise if you feel something”, which was so beautiful. I love how much vocal progression Oliver has, he just keeps finding his voice on every album, and I really think he discovered his range on this one; I absolutely love his lows to highs. They hyped the crowd with “Mantra”, the first single they put out for the latest record. Ever since Jordan Fish joined the band, they’ve put out some of their best material, Sempiternal was a record that was just so before it’s time and a lot of bands tried to morph off of.

The guys debuted “mother tongue” for the first time on the whole tour which was so awesome, they gave LA lots of special treatment. When they played “Antivist” Oliver really started to bring the heat with the vocals, with his low growls and pig squeal which really pleased the crowd. From then on, he felt the crowd’s energy and at the end of the night after they left the stage with their acoustic version of “Drown” they played an encore which also consisted of something really crazy that we haven’t seen in forever. The crowd started chanting, “We will never sleep cause sleep is for the weak…” and telling Oliver to scream; they then played a medley of “The Comedown/Medusa/Diamonds aren’t Forever/They Have No Reflections”. Oliver really went out of his way to please the fans in LA and now the poor guy has a ruptured vocal cord, and had to cancel the rest of their tour. That was the first time in YEARS we’ve seen BMTH perform these songs, he really did LA a favor and brought the throwbacks. People went nuts and loved it, meanwhile I barely remember the lyrics to these songs, haha! BMTH never fails to put on an amazing show, I’m so glad I got to see all this live for myself.

I Apologise If You Feel Something
House of Wolves
Mother Tongue
Wonderful Life
Shadow Moses
Nihilist Blues
Happy Song
Can You Feel My Heart
Follow You
Drown (Acoustic)

The Comedown/(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa/Diamonds Aren’t Forever/They Have No Reflections
Fresh Bruises

(Review and The Forum Photo by Talia Farber)

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