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Hellucination by Betty Moon (Evolver Music)

Hellucination by Betty Moon (Evolver Music)

Hellucination by Betty Moon (Evolver Music)

Betty Moon is a Los Angeles based artist whose music has always pushed genre boundaries and set the imagination into high orbit. Her latest masterwork Hellucination shows the elusive Betty Moon at the very height of her creative energies. An impassioned, DIY manifesto that tantalizes the senses, Hellucination is jammed packed with trippy, sensual sonnets that should captivate all music aficionados seeking flight from the mundane. Whether it’s the wickedly wonderful confection of Dirty Love, or the heavy duty dance beats of Crazy and beyond, Betty Moon places the listener under a spell that you’ll never want to break away from. Save My Soul is the perfect example of a dazzling song that should be played all over the radio airwaves while Get Your Guns shoots into the heart of the matter with absolutely devastating results.

In a world of manufactured music and tired copycat meanderings, it is tremendous to see artists like Betty Moon challenging the status quo as to what innovative commercially viable music should be all about. Hellucination is a fully realized effort deserving of a Grammy and any other accolades an artist of Betty Moon’s caliber should rightfully obtain. Betty Moon reaches for the stars each and every time, and the songs found within Hellucination aim for the stratosphere. And you are invited to experience this adventure into pure auditory fascination!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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