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History EP by Finding September (Self-released)

History EP by Finding September (Self-released)

History EP by Finding September (Self-released)

Ready to bust out of South Texas, Finding September is destined to discover a whole lot of fans all over the States and beyond – especially if their debut History EP is indicative of greater glories ahead. Never mind that they are a young band –  age is just number after all and there is a massive amalgamation of talent to be found within the throes of the Finding September membership.

From pop punk, indie rock, metal riffs and beyond, Finding September possess a whole lot of passion for their craft, and they are ready to share their sonic visions with all types of music fans.

Vibrantly emotional and wickedly infectious, Finding September kick off their History EP with the dazzling refrains of Summer Club. Then it’s on to the raging Inhibitions, where searing guitars and reflective vocals render this selection an absolute triumph.  The title track History rages into your head with its spiraling melodies and relentless beats. Darkest Greys shows Finding September in an imaginative state of mind, starting off with an ominous intro before exploding into a metallic pop punk anthem for the ages.  And then closing out the History EP on a glorious scorching note is Let It Burn, a gripping grand finale that will leave the listener wanting to hear a whole lot more.

The Finding September brigade who slam into all into supersonic gear include Emily Bayardo on vocals, Josh Gomez on guitar, Graham Butler on bass, and Jayden Mermella on drums. This thunderous commencement was recorded by none other than Chelsea Grin drummer Pablo Viveros at Elevate Studios. Expect to hear a whole lot more from Finding September in the months ahead as they continue to ignite the hearts and minds of the music world with their exhilarating reveries.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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