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Alternative Band Arm The Witness Debut Dark Billie Eilish Cover

Alternative Band Arm The Witness Debut Dark Billie Eilish Cover

Alternative Band Arm The Witness Debut Dark Billie Eilish Cover

The cover was mastered by Randy Merrill (Imagine Dragons, Muse)

Watch the video for ‘No Time To Die’ here:

Stream the single on Spotify:

Frontman Aiden Shaw says, “This cover is one that means a lot to me, and we’re all incredibly proud of how it turned out. We’re all fans of the dark mood and atmosphere of the original track and we wanted to push the boundaries of the track and take it even darker. There’s just something so relatable about the lyrics in that we’ve all experienced a situation where we feel like we’ve fallen for a lie, but we don’t allow ourselves to appear weak or hurt to the person who caused us pain. Sometimes we have no choice but to move on.

About Arm The Witness:

Embracing their post-metalcore roots and evolving into a powerhouse six-piece, Arm The Witness are one of the most exciting new rock bands of 2020. Musically an infusion of electronic-pop and hard rock that invokes names like Linkin Park, Bring Me The Horizon, and Papa Roach. Lyrically they put off an anti-establishment angst and a voice for the little guy. Coincidentally, vocalist Aiden Shaw was wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. On closer listen, they courageously tackle personal issues, emotion, and the pain of a broken home. Vocalist Aiden Shaw says, “Reaching out to people with our music has been something we had done for years.” Self built and self funded, they’ve built a global fan base and supported artists like We Came As Romans, All That Remains, Memphis May Fire, Ice Nine Kills, and more. Both Aiden and guitarist Cody are emerging videographers and run their own agencies as well as staying in close touch with their fans.

Arm The Witness is: Aiden Shaw, Cody Cupp, Dylan McMakin, Derek Heath, Derick Boardwine, & Cody McCluskey

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