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Nothing But The Truth by Prophets Of Addiction (HiVolMusic)

Nothing But The Truth by Prophets Of Addiction  (HiVolMusic)

Prophets Of Addiction may be best known as a glam/sleaze rock collective in the grand tradition of Cheap Trick and Hanoi Rocks – but with their latest album Nothing But The Truth, they toss an acoustic curve ball into the proceedings – and the results are absolutely epic in scope. Participants on the recording include Lesli Sanders (formerly of Pretty Boy Floyd and Queeny Blast Pop) on acoustic guitar and lead vocals and G.G. on guitar and backing vocals. With their drummer Wayne Stokley unable to participate due to health concerns, the axe men of Prophets decided to unveil an unplugged, emotional set of tunes for their third glorious magnum opus. The overall results are sure to captivate their ardent fans as well as gain the Prophets a good deal of new converts in the process.

The opening refrains of American Dream show Lesli and G.G. tremendously effective with the stripped down medium, demonstrating a good deal of passion and conviction within the realm of their artistry. There are so many gems to be found within Nothing But The Truth, seething with attitude and depth in even the quietest of moments.

Lesli delivers the lyrics with a powerhouse sense of urgency and irony. Tunes such as Alter Of Altercation, Babylon Boulevard, Hollywood, and Spare The Bullets are destined to be acoustic mainstays in their set even after their drummer returns.

Produced by Sanders himself at Whine Cellar Studios in Tacoma, WA and mixed and mastered by Phil Soussan (member of Ozzy Osbourne’s band, Billy Idol, Beggars and Thieves and more) at Blue Cat Tales in Hollywood, Nothing But The Truth by Prophets Of Addiction is a wickedly mind blowing experience! Prophets Of Addiction has once again found the cure for the mundane, and their vibrant acoustic tapestries are the sonic prescription you’ll want to indulge in time and again.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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