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Resonator Blues by Derek Davis (Perris/Southern Blood Records)

Resonator Blues by Derek Davis (Perris/Southern Blood Records)

Derek Davis of Babylon AD is singing the blues once more – the Resonator Blues to be exact – and what a dazzling collection of tunes this slab of auditory brilliance has achieved!

Classic and persuasive, combined with authentic instrumentations, Resonator Blues brings this breathtaking style of music to ultra-vivid life. Resonator Blues unveils a dozen old school tracks in all, featuring both glorious originals and inspirational covers.

From the slamming reverberations of opening title track Resonator Blues and onto a wild ride in the Sweet Cream Cadillac, Derek Davis proceeds to take the listener on the sonic auditory highways of the rock and rolling blues.

Delta Blues, Americana, Folk, Hillbilly Twang, Southern Rock, Traditional Blues – Derek Davis presents all this and more and the results are nothing short of epic.

Whether it’s crawling through the Mississippi Mud, the spiritual reveries of Jesus Set Me Free, the blistering Red Hot Lover and beyond, Resonator Blues tantalizes the senses. In the covers department, Davis performs two of the most enduring selections of the genre, including a haunting rendition of Son House’s Death Letter, and a superbly impassioned version of the Elmore James standard It Hurts Me Too.

Celebrating a much revered style of music with imagination and innovative, Resonator Blues by Derek Davis is certainly one of the most thrilling releases of the year. As we await the new release from Babylon AD, Resonator Blues is another path for the multi-talented Derek Davis, and it’s a collection of timeless entreaties well worth seeking out!

(Review by Ken Morton)

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