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The Sound Of What Went Wrong by Waxflower (Rude Records)

The Sound Of What Went Wrong by Waxflower (Rude Records)

The Sound Of What Went Wrong by Waxflower (Rude Records)

With The Sound Of What Went Wrong, Waxflower from Australia does everything oh so right, presenting their superb pop rocking goodness for an entire world to enjoy. Featuring super infectious songs with heart-on-your-sleeves lyrics, there is an exhilarating sense of conviction that shall render this EP a whole lot of repeat listening. Perfectly described as “five anthems for the over-thinker” by vocalist Tristan Higginson, The Sound Of What Went Wrong by Waxflower is destined to break this band out well above and beyond their Brisbane home base.

The EP opens with the deceptively sunny sounds of Ring, where sweet swirling melodies are mixed with thoroughly pensive lyrics. Soak is up next, restless and intensive, with it’s “finger on the trigger” reverberations sweeping the listener into the dark heart of the matter. The Drama Scene is an absolute stunner, brazening reflective with epic melodies sending this one into the stratosphere. Self-doubt and self-hatred is explored within the realm of Two Thumbs, with it’s gripping vocal content at brilliant odds with its vibrant soundscapes. And then closing out The Sound Of What Went Wrong way too soon is Misaligned Love, about those classic missed connections in life, featuring the captivating guest vocals of indie pop songstress Sydney Sprague.

The Sound Of What Went Wrong was skillfully recorded over two weeks in Sydney with producer and frequent collaborator Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic / Yours Truly / Between You & Me), and its an impressive next chapter for this dynamic band on the rise. Each and every member of Waxflower place so much heart and conviction into the songs found within, and the results are sure to leave an impact on all types of music fans looking to be thoroughly swept away by these dazzling sonic entreaties. Here’s hoping Waxflower makes their way to the States to present these insightful songs live. Their previous We Might Be Alright recording made the Highwire Daze Top 10 EP’s of 2021 list, and you can bet The Sound Of What Went Wrong will be cited when 2022 spins to an end.

Waxflower is:
Tristan Higginson
Daniel Seymour
Nick Hargens
Jordan Beard

(Review by Ken Morton)

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