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Janet Gardner at The Whisky – Live Review

Janet Gardner at The Whisky – Live Review
Janet Gardner at The Whisky

Janet Gardner,  The Whisky, July 28, 2019

The last time Janet Gardner appeared solo at The Whisky was certainly memorable for many reasons, including a mesmerizing live show followed by an unexpected visit to Cedars Sinai Hospital resulting in emergency surgery for a subdural hematoma.  Janet and her band made a grand and euphoric return, and the sirens this time around were blasting out from a night well spent within the wilds of the Sunset Strip.  Janet Gardner was in top form, singing her heart and soul out, treating the Sunday late night Whisky attendees to selections from a dazzling career in music.  Whether it was tracks from her two solo endeavors or Vixen fan favorites, Janet Gardner and her superb band sent the night into sonic rock and roll overdrive.

Janet Gardner and band opened their set with a raging rendition of Flame Thrower from her recently unveiled solo album Your Place In The Sun, instantly captivating the audience with her powerhouse vocals and dynamic stage presence.  Those wanting to hear gems from Janet’s former band Vixen would find instant and total gratification, as Rev It Up and How Much Love would then envelope the walls of the legendary Whisky A Go Go.   One of the most moving moments of the show was when Janet presented Candle from her debut solo album, a poignant rocker about dealing with the passing of a loved one.  Songs of the heart from the past and present where in good order as A Way To Your Heart from the new album and classic Vixen tune Edge Of A Broken Heart were unleashed back to back – showing just how vibrant and pulsating the Janet Gardner live experience is. 

Justin James at The Whisky

Janet Gardner is a captivating performer, whose thrilling vocals and vibrant stage presence reverberated within the hallowed walls of The Whisky.  And what an absolutely terrific band Ms. Gardner has assembled, featuring her husband Justin James shredding with pure imagination and flair on guitar.  Such a wonderful partnership these two seasoned performers share, both onstage and in this crazy existence we call life.  The rhythm section is driving and profound, featuring the devastating performances of Anthony Gemignani on bass and Richie Rivera on drums. 

‘Showing just how wildly effective her solo material is, Janet Gardner closed with two of her very best songs – the rip roaring Rat Hole and the pulse racing The Good Or The Bye leaving their final impressions upon the audience.  The show ended well after midnight and the work week was now upon us all, but Janet Gardner and her band left the fans with memorable tapestries that stand the test of time.  Check out Janet Gardner when she plays in your town, and discover a truly passionate artist now at the very height of a towering career in music. Your Place In The Sun by Janet Gardner is now available via Pavement Music.

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Joe Schaeffer)

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