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Bleeding The Stars by Lacrimas Profundere (SPV/Oblivion)

Bleeding The Stars by Lacrimas Profundere (SPV/Oblivion)

Bleeding The Stars by Lacrimas Profundere (SPV/Oblivion)

The long running gothic metal collective Lacrimas Profundere has just unveiled their 12th studio album, and what a dark and exquisite masterwork this one is!  Complete with a dynamic new vocalist and powerhouse songs destined to captivate the senses, Bleeding The Stars will send all music aficionados into the stratosphere.  Combining deep sensual vocals with vicious guttural screams, charismatic front man Julian Larre (from Lessdmv) performs with a sense of urgency that is staggering to behold.  Bleeding The Stars also finds Lacrimas Profundere mastermind Oliver Nikolas Schmid (guitars, bass, keyboards) at the very height of his creative prowess.  And the drum work of Dominik Scholz is exhilarating and persuasive.

Bleeding The Stars kicks off with the diabolic reverberations of I Knew And Will Forever Know, at once cementing the fact that Lacrimas Profundere mean serious business when unleashing their bleak gothic metal reprieves.  The adventure rages on with an encounter with Celestine Woman, where Larre’s soulful vocals and the grand infectious soundscapes render this one a standout.  The Kingdom Solicitude is haunting and profound, the sweeping keyboards and desolate lyrical inflections slamming into your psyche.  The one-two punch of Mother of Doom and Father of Fate is an imaginative combination of mesmerizing intensity.

The second half of our Bleeding The Stars journey commences with the gloriously heavy yet serenely atmospheric creation of Like Screams In Empty Halls.  A meeting with The Reaper is then in order, where scorching melodies and icy vocals collide with a pallid grace.  After All Those Infinities and A Sip Of Multiverse venture into the realm of madness and intrigue tenfoldA Sleeping Throne concludes Bleeding The Stars on a regally epic note, its pensive inflections lingering on long after the disc spins to its spellbinding finality.   

Bleeding The Stars is a fearless endeavor, where chaos and imagination reign supreme.  The majestic darkness of Lacrimas Profundere has been permeating for 25 years and counting.  Seething with elusive passion and austere inspiration, Bleeding The Stars is the next luminous chapter of the Lacrimas Profundere story – and it’s an intensive undertaking that is well worth seeking out.

(Review by Ken Morton)

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