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Spencer Sutherland and Justice Carradine at The Moroccan Lounge – Live Review

Spencer Sutherland and Justice Carradine at The Moroccan Lounge – Live Review
Spencer Sutherland

Spencer Sutherland, Justice Carradine, The Moroccan Lounge, August 12, 2019

The Moroccan Lounge in downtown Los Angeles was sold out, transported into an all-ages venue with fans awaiting the arrival of singer Spencer Sutherland on The Freaking Out Tour 2019.  Best known as the first American to compete on X Factor UK, landing into the Top 12 finalist, Spencer was about to prove just why he was so popular with audiences overseas. 

Based out of the Los Angeles area, Spencer Sutherland performed a thoroughly impressive hometown show that certainly thrilled they very packed to capacity house. Spencer and his band kicked their set into supersonic overdrive with pulsating version of Tell Me and then proceeded on to the super infectious refrains of Freaking Out.

Spencer Sutherland

One notices right away that Spencer’s effortless charisma matches his stunningly impressive vocal range.  He sings with a mighty amount of heart and soul, and rages on with a playful attitude, complete with a falsetto that absolutely soars into the stratosphere.  Many of the songs in the set Spencer co-wrote with Sam Fischer, and it was terrific to see the writing duo perform on a few of the tunes live.  Impressive covers were also part of the show, including Youngblood by Five Seconds Of Summer and Thank You Next by Ariana Grande.  Some very terrific new original material was premiered as well, including Leave Me Alone and Lemons.

Towards the end of the set, the temperature was rising both onstage and off, with Spencer and his band bursting into sizzling selections such as Bad Influence and Shame.  And for a much deserved encore, Spencer and his crew played their hit single SelfishSutherland seemed genuinely moved by the support his hometown audience was showing him, and promised another EP in the very soon!  Expect to hear a lot from this massive talent in the future.  It may have been 99 percent screaming girls in the audience (and rightfully so – they know a good thing when they see it), but Spencer Sutherland possesses a magnetic voice and the memorable pop rocking tunes to launch a career that will span the ages.  Be sure to check out the NONE Of This Has Been About You EP by Spencer Sutherland, now available via BMG!

Justice Carradine

Opening the show was 19-year-old Justice Carradine from Salt Lake City, Utah, who brought his own fierce and friendly show to The Moroccan Lounge stage.  All the kid had to do was smile to make the girls scream, and what a wonderfully expressive voice and glorious stage presence this dynamic performer possesses!  Justice was the perfect support act for Spencer Sutherland, and it was impressive that many within the crowd were already familiar with the songs and singing along. 

One of the highlights of the set was the reflective Okay, were Carradine opened the song with the startling lyrical sentiments of “I painted these walls with hatred and blood.”  Another song that left a persuasive impression was Dangerous Love, a recently released single through Atlantic Records that should garner Justice a good deal of attention and admiration.  

(Review by Ken Morton – Photos by Jack Lue)

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