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Another State Of Grace by Black Star Riders (Nuclear Blast Records)

Another State Of Grace by Black Star Riders (Nuclear Blast Records)

Another State Of Grace by Black Star Riders (Nuclear Blast Records)

Another State Of Grace is the fourth magnum opus for Black Star Riders, jammed packed with rock and roll anthems that will absolutely exhilarate the senses.  A recent tour supporting Judas Priest has placed Black Star Riders on the worldwide map – not to mention their rocking linage, as the band features Ricky Warwick of The Almighty and legendary guitarist Scott Gorhan of Thin Lizzy within their ranks.  Unveiling a solid collection of songs that will stand the test of time, Another State Of Grace presents a band at the very height of the career – not only extending the legacy of the iconic Thin Lizzy, but further pursuing a new entity whose current sonic output has been thoroughly impressive.

Tonight The Moonlight Let Me Down is the rollicking kickoff for Another State Of Grace that at once sends the album into the high orbit.  The title track Another State Of Grace then permeates throughout your speakers, an absolutely thrilling reverie that will have audiences passionately singing along when performed live – with its wicked insights including the observance that “democracy is coming on a sea of alcohol.” 

It’s Ain’t The End Of The World,” vocalist Ricky Warwick exclaims on the third triumphant track before adding ironically “but it’s the end of you and me.”   “Hate’s a four letter word, love’s a four letter lie,” Warwick then muses on the stunning Underneath The Afterglow

Fearlessly taking on the issues of the day, Black Star Riders present two powerhouse cuts next within the Another State Of Grace experience – Soldier In The Ghetto is about finding truth and light within the “wisdom of fools” while Why Do You Love Your Guns? takes on the controversial issue with a staggering amount of passion and conviction. 

Standing In The Line Of Fire is an auditory shot of whisky, revolution and losing control while being “a simple man with a complicated life.”  What Does It Take? is heartfelt and impassioned, with Warwick exclaiming “I think it’s going to take a miracle to turn this thing around.” Next up, Black Star Riders and their listeners find themselves In The Shadow Of The War Machine, a scathing comment of our modern day world that you could absolutely rock and rage to.  And then closing out the Another State Of Grace extravaganza is Poisoned Heart, pulsating with it’s “I was always good at goodbyes” refrains. 

Black Star Riders 2019 is on fire, with a stellar lineup and the supremely killer tunes that back it all up.  Ricky Warwick is certainly a charasmatic performer, whose dynamic vocals and powerhouse lyrics display a compelling amount of urgency.  Scott Gorham, a long running member of the Thin Lizzy legacy, unleashes his dynamic prowess on guitar.  Christian Martucci of Stone Sour also lends his guitar power and finesse to Black Star Riders.  The tremendously solid rhythm section is brought to you courtesy of bassist Robbie Crane (formerly of RATT) and drummer Chad Szeliga (of Breaking Benjamin infamy).  Another State Of Grace by Black Star Riders is a rock and roll classic destined to be remembered and revered as one of the very best albums of 2019 when the year spins to its diabolic conclusion. 

(Review by Ken Morton)

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