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Capture Devastate The Whisky On Sunset

Capture Devastate The Whisky On Sunset

Capture Devastate The Whisky On Sunset

Formerly known as Capture The Crown, frontman Jeff Wellfare along with co-conspirators Manny Dominick (drums) and Erik Vaughn Weatherford (bass) are back and ready to reclaim the metalcore throne. On tour supplying direct support for Alesana, Capture arrived at The Whisky on the Sunset Strip for a night to remember! Performing songs from their recently issued Lost Control manifesto on Artery Recordings as well as a few Crown favorites, Capture delivered the goods in nothing short of an epic way. Prior to the devastation, Highwire Daze caught up with the Capture trio backstage for an interview…

How has this tour with Alesana been going so far and what have been some of the highlights?
Jeff: So far, so good. Everything’s a bit new for us because it’s kinda like the first time we’ve actually been on a tour together. We’re just all learning about ourselves and experiencing the chemistry on stage and the songs, so it’s all a new experience but so far, so good. Some key moments, for me was the barbecue we had in Sacramento. All the bands got to bond with each other. Capture kind of put a barbecue on, a little dinner thing for everyone on tour. It was really cool, nice to just hang out with everyone. Everyone’s really relaxed after that. I think it just put the tour in a really nice place.

What are you looking for to the most about playing the legendary Whisky tonight?
Manny: I’m excited to be on the stage. This is my first time here. I’ve never been here to The Whisky. LA, this is home for me and I’ve been here 14 years.

Is there any raw story or concept behind the album title Lost Control?
Jeff: The album encapsulates the fact that how crazy everything can be surrounding a band and writing music. The ups and downs, just everything about being part of a band and creating music with people and being in the industry. And also the album itself is extremely bipolar, it’s not just one genre. It’s not just one type of song. It’s not just one thing, it’s up and down, left or right. It’s a roller coaster of emotions. I feel like Lost Control is a nice way to encapsulate that vibe, that feeling what we’re trying to put into the album. In an ironic sense, I feel more in control on the stage and in my life on playing music and on stage. It’s funny that we called it Lost Control because it’s completely the opposite thing when we’re playing it.

Eric: You kinda had to lose control in order to gain it all back. It kinda just feels like that.

Jeff: To win, you need to know how to fail.

Erik: Right. I know how to fail very well.

Jeff: Me too.

Tell me about the song Dead Hollywood. What’s the inspiration for that?
Jeff: What a great place to talk about that one. To sum it up simply, over the years, I’m assuming everyone that lives in this area or has lived in America has an opinion on this but basically, the industry and how it sucks How other about people who try to put their own art out into the world. And how people that don’t wanna know two cents out of you unless you can benefit them. It’s a bit of a vent song.

Jeff, with so many members coming and going in this band (including Capture The Crown), what has kept you so passionate about music and about just Capture in general?
Jeff: You can’t stop once you start. The journey hasn’t finished. The journey hasn’t even started for me. I feel like I would be selling short if I was to stop it. This is a new thing and this is a new project. This is a new team. Fresh start in a sense. I just love music. I love playing music. I love playing on stage. It was where I feel most in control of my life. It’s a special thing and I just don’t wanna stop it. It’s a drug really.

When you look back at those two Capture the Crown albums, what do you think of them now?
Jeff: I think they’re good stepping stones, finding the sounds that we really wanna be playing. We’re still trying to get there every day as a learning experience. Also, growing up, going back and listening to it you can kinda hear where I was at, where my head was at and I guess how immature and stupid I was. They’re really cool. They are special and they’re part of the journey. No regrets.

(Interview by Ken Morton – Photos by Talia Farber)

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