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Countdown to The Metal Assault 12th Anniversary Fest – Part One with Bone Maggot

Countdown to The Metal Assault 12th Anniversary Fest – Part One with Bone Maggot

Countdown to The Metal Assault 12th Anniversary Fest

Part One with Bone Maggot

Los Angeles, California based metal blog turned record label Metal Assault will be celebrating the 12-year anniversary of its February 13, 2010 inception with a festival, February 12 and 13 2022 at Transplants Brewing, a brewery plus live music venue in Palmdale CA. In addition, Metal Assault is also hosting a pre-party on Friday February 11, at Supply and Demand in Long Beach CA. The weekend will feature an eclectic assortment of 22 bands, including several representatives from the Metal Assault Records roster, as well as some non-roster bands that Metal Assault has supported and worked with over the years.

Metal Assault owner Aniruddh “Andrew” Bansal says about the festival weekend: “I’ve devoted the past twelve years of my life to promoting heavy metal, and I find it only fitting to celebrate this 12-year anniversary of the launch of Metal Assault, with the biggest event I’ve curated till date. I’m delighted to have put together a lineup of bands that people will most certainly enjoy from start to finish, across the entire weekend. And what’s more, in collaboration with Transplants Brewing, Metal Assault is launching its very own beer!

Let’s meet some of the bands playing The Metal Assault 12th Anniversary Fest, starting with Bone Maggot!


Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in your band, and how long the band has been together.
We are Bone Maggot, a groove metal band from Ventura, California. We have Mike Klein on vocals and guitar, Jay Rivera on guitar, Kameron Klein on bass and Lance McNelly on drums. We’ve been pounding eardrums for about 6+ years now.

How did you wind up being connecting with Metal Assault Records?
We had just finished recording our most recent video “Pig Farmer” which was to be the lead single on an album we were working on. This time around we felt the need to push this one further so we were seeking the help of a label to get things done right and get it in front of some more eyes. After some calls and emails, Mike was contacted by Andrew from MAR. After some conversation, Andrew was ready to take us on even though our record wasn’t quite finished yet. We totally appreciate him taking a chance on us.

What is the name of your current or upcoming album or EP and what inspired the title?
Our new album ended up being titled “Internal Hate”, released by MAR this past November. The title is inspired by how crazy the world is and how quickly it’s become out of control. We just feel that’s how most of society feels anymore.

What are you looking forward to the most about playing the Metal Assault 12 Year Anniversary Fest?
Absolutely stoked to be on board for the 12 year anniversary for Metal Assault and definitely looking forward to jamming with so many of our label mates.

Select two songs you might be playing at the Metal Assault 12 Year Anniversary Fest and what inspired the lyrics.
A little insight on a couple of our songs, “Pig Farmer” which is our lead single about a wealthy Canadian pig farmer, Robert Pickton, and a likeness of his story. Look it up… it’s pretty crazy. Another is Sunshine Manor, it’s inspired by a mental hospital in our hometown that was surrounded by a lot of tales and rumors when we were just kids.

What could one expect from your live show at the Metal Assault 12 Year Anniversary Fest?
You can always expect a damn good time with Bone Maggot. We can’t wait for y’all to catch our brand and feel some of the passion (or hate) that we put into our music.

What’s up next for your band after the Metal Assault 12 Year Anniversary Fest?
We have a show directly after on Feb. 19th at the Whisky A-Go-Go opening up for Metalachi and a new video in the works coming your way very shortly, teaming up with our producer Addasi at Fuel Music Studios as always to bring one more song from “Internal Hate” to life.

(Interview by Ken Morton)

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