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VII – Respect The Steel by Various Metal, (METALMESSAGE)

VII – Respect The Steel by Various Metal, (METALMESSAGE)

VII – Respect The Steel by Various Metal (METALMESSAGE)

METALMESSAGE is a publicity company based out of Germany ran by the master publicist Markus Eck, a gentleman whose passion and conviction for heavy metal is world renowned.   It is always exciting the find out which bands the omnipresent Eck is working with.  In addition to his promotional endeavors, Eck and METALMESSAGE has unleashed compilation albums every now and then – and the latest Chapter entitled VII-Respect The Steel features some of the finest discoveries for all around the world. 

VII – Respect The Steel kicks off with the stunning Pagan Metal refrains of Down The White Waters by Ash Of Ashes from Germany – a truly mystical commencement that will absolutely mesmerize the senses.  Hell’s Guardian from Italy is an explosive melodic death metal collective, whose contribution Blood Must Have Blood will capture the imagination – this band is headed straight into the big leagues, and this one song will make you want to check into their thrilling As Above So Below full length.  Invictus from Germany is kickass power metal with their song Burst The Curse showing just how diverse and magnetic their thunderous battle cries are.    

Reverend Hound from Germany then arrive to preach the gospel of heavy metal right in your freaking face, with War Of The Wolves making you want to raise your firt and beer glass high in the air and howl out as loud as you can! Then it’s time for some truly Sinister Thoughts, courtesy of Germany’s own Dawn Ahead – and what a thrashing death metal assault to the cranium this combustible gem is!  Nachtmahr is splendidly unveiled by the symphonic black metal brigade known as Wolves Den – fans of Dimmu Borgir and Old Man’s Child absolutely must check into this wickedly sensational pack whose artistic madness is wondrously devastating.

Diethanasia by USA’s own Aftermath channels thrash metal giants such as Megadeth and Anthrax, while placing their own vibrantly diabolical spin on the proceedings.    Then it back to the European continent for the darkly intensive death metal refrains of Onborg, who relentlessly take the listener Within The Depths Of Oblivion – and what an exhilarating sonic journey this one is!  Hollowed from Frankfurt, Germany slash and burn with the anthem-like death metal reverberations of Sick Society – you will be singing along to the chorus “How will I survive in a Sick Society” with fiendish glee long after this track spins to an it’s frenzied end.

Misanthropia triumphantly burst onto the Respect The Steel compilation with Mirror, a pulsating reverie that makes you want to take on the world at large.  Atrium Noctis present Leviathan, weaving their own imaginative musicianship into their symphonic black metal magnum opus supreme – complete with chilling growls and a female operatic co-vocal rendering this one a compilation standout.  The mighty Hangatyr from Germany contribute Blick aus Eis to the proceedings, once again demonstrating why they are truly one of the most epically underrated black metal bands on this planet!   And then closing out the Respect The Steel heavy metal experience is The Death Of A Warrior by Forge of Switzerland, an absolutely epic grand finale, whose grim and wondrous reprieves will leave a lingering impressions on all heavy metal aficionados!

VII – Respect The Steel from METALMESSAGE is a truly adventurous collection of metal artistry whose curator’s passion for the genre is nothing short of legendary.  Cover artistry is brilliantly rendered by the one and only Serbian illustrator Dusan Markovic! Congrats to Markus Eck on this very amazing compilation, which you too may download for FREE at Bandcamp!  And remember as Master Eck always says: METAL IS THE MESSAGE…  AND THE MESSAGE IS LOUD!!!

(Review by Ken Morton)


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